Royal insider hints at brutal snub for Prince Harry: 'Very clear'

It comes after Harry left his father's coronation immediately after the service.

The royal family is reportedly planning on keeping Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at a "distance" for the foreseeable future, with an insider revealing Prince William is even unlikely to invite his brother to his own coronation when he becomes king.

"The opportunity that was there for Harry to sort this out with the king is gone for now. Of course, Charles would always welcome a reconciliation with Harry and Meghan, he has made that very clear, and his door is always open in that regard," a friend of Prince William told the Daily Beast.

Royals Prince Harry and Prince William
A royal insider has hinted at a possible brutal snub by Prince William and Princess Kate towards Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Photo: Getty

"But now the coronation is done, I think Charles will want to focus on the job of being King, rather than to continue being distracted by Harry and Meghan drama."


The friend adds that it would be a huge surprise to many if Harry was invited to William's coronation after the Duke of Sussex released his tell-all memoir and Netflix docuseries earlier this year.

"It’s very clear that William and Kate are now extremely important members of the institution, so their view on Harry, which is basically the further away the better, will have to be taken into account," the friend claims. "Put it this way: I don’t think anyone expects Harry to get an invite to William’s coronation."

Prince Harry watches as Prince William at coronation
Prince Harry watches as Prince William sits in the front row at King Charles' coronation with his family. Photo: Getty

It comes after royal expert Angela Levin wrote for The Sun, saying she believes there's no coming back for Harry after his speedy exit from the coronation service on Saturday.

"Harry’s swift exit was a snub — and he left onlookers stunned that he had not even hung around long enough to congratulate the new King," she wrote. "He would not have had time to speak to his brother, or anybody else, which shows how distant he now is.

"That he has gone off so quickly shows we’ll never get him back. He could have stayed for an hour or so and it would not have made much difference to son Archie’s fourth birthday celebrations."

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