Roxy Jacenko defends 11-year-old daughter Pixie's Instagram success

Pixie boasts 121,000 followers on the platform.

PR queen and media personality Roxy Jacenko has opened up about how she keeps her 11-year-old daughter Pixie Curtis safe while also sharing her life so publicly on Instagram.

Pixie boasts over 121,000 followers on her account, which Roxy created for her shortly after she was born, and has been dubbed “the Princess of Instagram” online. She also has a multi-million-dollar toy and accessory empire, owns a $270,000 Mercedes-Benz GL, and can “retire at 15”, according to her mother.

Roxy Jacenko and Pixie Curtis.
Roxy Jacenko has defended her 11-year-old daughter Pixie Curtis’ massive Instagram fame. Photo: Instagram/roxyjacenko

During an appearance on The Project on Sunday night, Roxy defended her decision to let her daughter have an Instagram account while speaking with new host Sarah Harris.

“It’s something that I’ve been very collaborative with her,” she explained. “She’s 11 now and let me tell you, an 11-year-old has opinions far stronger than a 42-year-old me. It’s quite amazing how things have changed.

“I am happy for her to have input. If she doesn’t like a picture, we don’t put it on there. If in a few years or in a few months she says, ‘I don't want to do this anymore’, well, we don’t do it.”


The former SAS Australia star went on to say that she believes her daughter’s Instagram account is similar to a photo album filled with memories.

“We’re in a digital world now, and I think everyone’s fast to critique parenting and how you do it, how you don’t do it,” she continued.

“We choose which hairdresser we go to, I know I do, via Instagram. We choose where we’re going to eat, where we’re going to holiday. You make all of these choices online, so she doesn’t really know any different.

“All of her friends are on Instagram, they’re using all social media platforms, so I’m happy for her to do it - within reason. I take on board the dangers involved, and I’m very mindful of making sure she doesn’t cross the line in terms of what she puts out there.”

Roxy Jacenko and Sarah Harris on The Project.
Pixie defended her parenting choices to Sarah Harris on The Project. Photos: Channel 10

Pixie’s Christmas list backlash

Roxy’s comments come shortly after she copped backlash online for sharing Pixie’s Christmas list, which featured “expensive” items like a $9000 Goyard handbag and $600 Yeezy sneakers, and “mid/cheap” gifts including $55 tank tops from Skims.

“I’m so pleased @pixiecurtis has given options for various budgets,” she wrote alongside a facepalm emoji.

Roxy later hit back at the criticism, telling that the people who had an issue with her daughter’s wish list “have too much time on their hands”.

“Clothes and swimwear. Hardly unreasonable for a tween,” she said. “Ask any parent of a young lady of this age, you’ll find the list is somewhat the same.”

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