Roxy Jacenko defends buying $85k car for nine-year-old Pixie

Roxy Jacenko has divided opinion after buying her nine-year-old daughter Pixie Curtis an $84,500 car

The 40-year-old took to Instagram on Thursday to share a snap of the black Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class.

Roxy Jacenko poses with Pixie Curtis
Roxy Jacenko has divided opinion after buying her nine-year-old daughter a Mercedes-Benz car. Photo: Instagram/RoxyJacenko

"Visits today from @fineautofinishing for @pixiecurtis car - next level - looks brand new," the SAS Australia star wrote.

With Pixie still a number of years away from being able to drive, Roxy's followers were quick to raise their concerns about the lavish gift.


"How can a child have a car?" one user wrote.

"Please tell me this is a stitch up?" another added. "It has to be!"

"Omg I’ve got a 50k debt from university fees and Pixie’s got a 80k car at 9yrs old," someone else said. "The jealousy is real."

Pixie Curtis' car
Roxy's followers were confused as to why a nine-year-old would need a car. Photo: Instagram/RoxyJacenko

"Seriously a car for someone who can’t drive for how many years," another said.

But there were many who thought it was great that Pixie had a car.

"Pixie has fabulous taste," one fan wrote.

"Good choice Pixie!" one mum wrote. "As the mother of L-plates it’s got to be safe."

"Adopt me!" another follower joked.

"Sorry but I absolutely ADORE the fact that Pixie has a car," someone else wrote.

Roxy has defended her choice to buy another car for Pixie, telling she purchased the car for its safety features.

Pixie Curtis' car gets washed
Some of Roxy's followers were left jealous that her daughter had such an expensive car. Photo: Instagram/RoxyJacenko

"It’s of utmost importance to me that both she and her brother Hunter travel safely on the roads when going to and from school so I purchased a car for her," she explained.

"Obviously she doesn’t drive it, she is driven in it as is her brother to and from school and for any activities.

"Given the number of fatalities on our roads their safety is so important so if it means buying a car that has extra safety features that’s what I’ll do."

The car's safety features include an accident anticipatory system as well as a 360 degree parking camera.

Roxy revealed earlier this year that she's semi-retired after the forced break from work due to the coronavirus pandemic made her realise she didn't actually love her job.

"It’s been a realisation for me. I hated my job. I didn’t like what I was doing," she said on the Kyle and Jackie O Show. "I’m now semi-retired."

Roxy Jacenko poses with husband Oliver Curtis and kids Hunter and Pixie
Roxy shares Pixie, nine, and Hunter, six, with husband Oliver Curtis. Photo: Instagram/RoxyJacenko

She compared her life to a "mouse on that spinning wheel" but when her company, Sweaty Betty, lost "85 per cent" of their clients in three days, she realised it might be a good time to take a break.

The PR Queen added: "I've had a job since I was 14. So now I'm like, it's time to smell the roses."

Roxy was just 24 when she launched Sweaty Betty.

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