SAS: Roxy Jacenko hits out at instructor's 'horrendous' comment

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Roxy Jacenko has lashed out at SAS Australia instructor Ollie Ollerton, after he called her brief stint on the demanding reality show “horrendous”.

The 40-year-old PR queen infamously left the show just six hours into the first day and was quick to defend herself against the online backlash that ensued, including now calling out the instructor, by sharing a message she received from him after her departure.

SAS roxy jacenko
Roxy left the show just six hours into the first day, Photo: Channel 7

In an interview with last week, Ollie said Roxy’s appearance on the show was “horrendous from the outset”.

But, sharing a screenshot of a message conversation between the two, Roxy revealed Ollie had a completely different tune when speaking to her privately.

Not only did he approach her about a ‘business venture’ he was keen to ‘launch in Aus’, but he also said he should be proud of her performance.

SAS instructor ollie ollerton
SAS Instructor Ollie called her stint 'horrendous'. Photo: Channel 7

“Be proud, people have no idea what the reality is like, amplified by injury x,” a message read.


Roxy herself captioned the screenshot with “the reality of reality”.

roxy jacenko ollie sas messages
Roxy shared these private messages she received from Ollie. Photo: Instagram/roxyjacenko

Roxy was the first to quit the show after the group was instructed to submerge themselves in freezing water as punishment.

Some of the comments she received included things such as: “Geez, 6 hours!!! My wife was in labor longer than that. S**t effort.”

“All the excuses in the world. So up herself. She couldn't take her handbags with her,” another comment read.

“Absolute failure. On all accounts,” someone else wrote.

Taking to social media the next day, Roxy defended herself in a lengthy post, revealing she had actually fractured her hip and pelvis just six weeks before filming on the incredibly physically demanding show began.

SAS Australia continues Monday night from 7.30pm on Channel 7.

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