Robert Irwin's famous friends 'falling over themselves' to join I'm A Celebrity in 2024

EXCLUSIVE: The Wildlife Warrior is making the most of his A-list connections on the show.

Robert Irwin’s celebrity friends are reportedly begging him to help them land a spot on the upcoming season of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! now that he is hosting alongside Julia Morris.

An insider tells Yahoo Lifestyle that management companies are “falling over themselves” to sign their talent up to the reality show, which is exactly what producers were hoping when they hired the 20-year-old Wildlife Warrior.

I'm A Celebrity's Robert Irwin and Julia Morris.
Robert Irwin’s celebrity friends are reportedly begging him to help them land a spot on I’m A Celebrity. Photo: Channel 10

“The Irwins have more than a fair share of A-list celebrities in their circle including the Hemsworths and Melissa Joan Hart, who is the most rumoured contestant this year,” a production insider shares.

“There are some celebs we ask every year and maybe this year stars like Melissa or Jean-Claude Van Damme will finally say yes. It’s our year to catch a few of those white whales.”


Robert has made some strong connections in Hollywood in recent years, interviewing Robert Downey Jr., working alongside Billie Eilish, and making regular appearances on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

While fans shouldn’t expect all of his A-list buddies to appear in the South African jungle, our source asserts that Robert has been chatting with some “seriously famous names” to join the show.

“Julia is telling everyone that Robert is like a breath of fresh air and even she will admit she has been outdone with celebrity names being dropped on set,” the insider adds.

“The network might get some mates rates with Robert’s friends but he won’t be playing favourites. He’d love to put his friends in unimaginable challenges.”

I'm A Celebrity hosts Julia Morris and Robert Irwin on The Project.
Robert has said it’s a ‘huge honour’ to host the reality show alongside Julia Morris. Photo: Channel 10

Robert's I'm A Celebrity salary revealed

It was first announced in October that Robert would be taking over from Chris Brown when I’m A Celebrity returns in 2024.

In a statement from 10, Robert said: “It’s a huge honour to be the new co-host of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!. I can’t wait to plunge back into the incredible African jungle and introduce our celebrities to the magnificent wildlife that call the jungle home.

“Most of all, I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to work alongside the incredibly kind and talented Julia Morris. Crikey! This is going to be a wild ride!”

Daily Mail reports that Robert will earn “over $430,000” for his work on the reality show, which films for six weeks in South Africa.

A network insider told the publication that they believe Robert will be “worth every cent” as he has an international fan base.

“His pairing with the witty and ever-entertaining Julia has all the makings of a dynamic duo, promising viewers an unforgettable experience,” they said.

Meanwhile, Julia is reportedly earning around $700,000 for the reality show, which she has hosted since season one in 2015.

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