Robert Irwin left mortified over Terri's X-rated on-stage Steve Irwin joke

Robert could be seen with his face in his hands at one point.

Terri Irwin’s X-rated joke about her late husband Steve Irwin left her son Robert mortified while the pair were on stage together. The beloved mother and son duo attended the VMX 2024 veterinary conference in Orlando, Florida over the weekend, where Terri dropped the risqué quip.

Terri and Robert were keynote speakers at the event, where they shared all about their work at Australia Zoo and Robert’s passion for wildlife photography. They also spoke about their mission to fulfil Steve’s legacy through their work at the Queensland zoo.

Robert Irwin with his face in his hands
Robert Irwin was mortified over Terri's X-rated joke. Photo: Instagram/kasiahannabb

Speaking to the audience in a video posted by a fan online, Terri said: “Someone here has a tattoo of Steve,” with Robert adding: “I heard a rumour.”


When the whole room erupted into screams, Terri said: “It seems like there’s more than one person who has a tattoo of Steve and I was really impressed because I don’t have a tattoo of Steve.”

The audience all laughed, with Terri continuing: “I have a tattoo that says ‘Steve was here’.”

At this stage Robert turned around cringing, putting his hands up to his face in disbelief at what his mother had just said.

Not deterred, Terri continued: “I don’t think I can show it to you.”

Robert was down on his hunkers at this moment, with his face buried in his hands before getting up and saying: “Anyway. Alright.”

Terri and Steve’s love story

It was love at first sight for Terri and Steve when they met at his zoo in 1991. While Terri has admitted that she wasn’t looking for love at the time, she instantly fell for the Crocodile Hunter in the middle of one of his demonstrations.

"This man was in with a crocodile talking about animals the way you talk about what you had for lunch,” Terri said on an episode of The Crocodile Hunter.

"'And now I'm going to feed this crocodile. Isn't he a little beauty?' the man was saying.

"I thought, 'Well, I never really thought of crocodiles as beautiful, but I'll have a look'. He handed the crocodile some food.

"It came screaming out of the water, grabbed the piece of food, and he was as calm as if he was mailing a letter in a letterbox. I was sold. I thought this man is the most incredible guy I have ever seen. He's probably married. He's gotta be taken.

Terri and Steve Irwin portrait
Terri and Steve were married in 1992 and he sadly passed away in 2006. Photo: Getty Images

Speaking to US Weekly, Terri revealed that she went up to talk to him and discovered that was far from the truth.

"When Steve and I met, he asked me, ‘Would you like to meet my girlfriend?’" Terri revealed.

"I just felt utterly crushed, and then he called out, ‘Hey, Suey,’ and here comes this little dog, Suey.

"I went, 'Boom! No girlfriend!'"

Robert Irwin, Terri Irwin, Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell smiling for the camera
They welcomes a son, Robert, and daughter, Bindi, into the world together. Photo: Getty Images

By February 1992 the pair were engaged and married in Oregan that June.

In 1998 they welcomed their baby daughter, Bindi, into the world and in 2003 Robert Irwin was born.

Tragedy struck for the family in 2006 when Steve was barbed in the chest by a stingray in a freak accident.

Since then, the Irwins have made it their mission to continue on his conservation work and his youngest son Robert is now following in his dad’s TV screen footsteps, making his hosting debut alongside Julia Morris in March for this year’s season of I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!.

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