Rita Ora's emotional exit leaves The Voice coaches shocked

The Voice judges were left wondering if Rita Ora was coming back after she walked off set in a dramatic moment.

Rita Ora left both fans and her fellow coaches on The Voice shocked in last night's episode after dramatically walking off the set during The Callbacks.

After three of her contestants performed flawlessly in a bid to win a place in the battles, Rita was faced with an incredibly tough decision on who should proceed and who she'd have to send home.

"Guy, what would you do if you were Rita?" Sonia Kruger asked after the girls' incredible performances.

"Run," Guy Sebastian replied honestly, while Rita laughed nervously. "That's the best trio of singing we've ever had on the show, ever," Guy said.

Rita Ora on set of The Voice
Rita Ora contemplates a hard decision on The Voice.

When it came to Rita having to make the decision, she stated she was "genuinely so emotional", touting it as the hardest decision she's ever made in her experience as a coach.


Choking up, Rita struggled to decide who to take through to the battle rounds, before deciding on Taryn.

Rita then had to decide who had the chance to come back for the 'Ultimate Callback' and who to send home, a decision she also struggled immensely with.

After both contestants said why they think Rita should pick them, she ended up walking off the set.

"Sorry, I just need a couple of minutes to myself," she said, before going to stand in a dark corner.

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"I think she's left the building," Sonia said.


"Sorry to keep you waiting, I had to get out of this space and think for a second," Rita said, appearing back on stage.

Rita then went on to pick Emily to come back for the 'Ultimate Callback', a contestant who dazzled the coaches early on in her blind audition, with her rendition of Goo Goo Dolls' 'Iris'.

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