Rita Ora stuns in see-through dress: 'Holy moly'

Rita Ora stunned fans when wore a completely see-through dress for a night out over the weekend in London. The singer was attending her friend Vas J Morgan's birthday party when she bared all in the beige crochet gown and black underwear, which was visible underneath.

The gown was low-cut in both the front and back, allowing the singer to show off her countless tattoos. It also featured a hood, with fans loving the look, calling her a "goddess".

Rita Ora in a see-through dress
Rita Ora stunned fans after wearing a completely see-through dress to an event this weekend with fans saying she looked like a 'goddess'. Photo: Instagram/Rita Ora

Rita shared some snaps on Instagram with her husband Taika Waititi commenting, "God damn," with a fire emoji.

"How are you even real Rita?" one fan questioned, with another writing, "My eyes just fell out."


"OMG I'm in love," a third added, while another called her "breathtaking".

"Holy moly!" someone else added.

"Is it legal to be that hot?" one fan wrote.

Rita Ora's back
The gown was low-cut in both the front and back, allowing the singer to show off her countless tattoos. Photo: Instagram/Rita Ora

Some weren't so into the look, with one user writing, "Put some clothes on love, it's the middle of winter, you’ll catch a chill."

"Not sure what the point of the clothing is. Might as well leave it off," another commented.

"I don't get it! Why people have the need to display themselves nearly naked like so..." a third said.

"You've forgotten how to put clothes on," someone else added.

"My nan would like her net curtain back please," another joked.

Rita shares her workout secrets

Rita Ora exercising
Rita recently shared some of her fitness secrets. Photo: Instagram/Rita Ora

Rita recently shared her exercise secrets with Women's Health, revealing she works out a maximum of four times a week and if she can't get to a gym because she's travelling, she always ensures she has 1kg and 2kg dumbbells and ankle weights and a resistance band so she can get a cheeky workout in no matter where she is.


"I might go to the gym three times a week, and then I’ll definitely do a Pilates class, so it’s not always weights," she told the magazine, adding she's not an expert, but this is what works for her.

She added that drinking more water and having a light breakfast and dinner and a more substantial lunch is how she likes to portion out her meals.

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