Thor's Taika Waititi on why he had to give Chris Hemsworth a nude scene

One of the most talked-about moments from last month's Thor: Love and Thunder trailer was Chris Hemsworth's famous nude scene.

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle on the red carpet for the film's Sydney premiere, director Taika Waititi revealed what it was like on the day.

Chris Hemsworth and Taika Waititi at Thor: Love and Thunder Sydney premiere
Chris Hemsworth and Taika Waititi attend the Sydney premiere of Thor: Love And Thunder. Photo: Getty

"Everyone from the production office and accounting office happened to turn up and just need to talk to the crew members about getting their invoices and time cards [that day]," he joked.

"I mean, personally, he's worked so hard on all of this [his body], it would be weird not to show it, don't you think?"


He added his real reasoning for including the scene, telling us, "It's also, quietly, in a business sense, I think we might sell a few more tickets!"

When asked how he prepared for the scene (and whether it included any extra glute work), Chris told us: "Yeah, you know, I worked my butt off, literally, for this film, as I do all the Thor films. I've got to eat a ridiculous amount of protein and work out a lot and a lot and a lot and you put in the hard work and hopefully get the result!"

Chris Hemsworth's Thor: Love and Thunder nude scene
Chris' famous nude scene in the film's trailer. Photo: Marvel
Chris Hemsworth in his Thor: Love and Thunder nude scene
Chris revealed to us that he 'worked his butt off' for the film and for the nude scene in particular. Photo: Marvel

Speaking on The Project on Monday night, Chris was asked how he felt during the scene, which also features Russell Crowe as Zeus.

"He does a great thing where he's also naked from the waist down. That made me feel at ease," Chris joked.

Taika then quipped, "On set, it's an agreement we have. I was naked too."

When asked how he covered up during the scene, Chris responded, "A sock. Just a sock."

"He wears a sock on one ear. That's his thing. He thinks it's a distraction," Taika joked.

Thor: Love and Thunder is out in cinemas on July 7.

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