Kmart $20 tiles totally transforms woman's kitchen: '1000 times better'

A woman has completely given her kitchen a glow-up using this $20 Kmart item.

Since introducing a renovation range, Kmart has sent DIYers into a frenzy, offering everything from designer-looking door handles to easy-to-install stone tiles. But it seems the product of choice is the budget range of adhesive tiles.

Sharing a recent “little Kmart kitchen reno” to a Facebook page dedicated to Kmart hacks, one shopper left many stunned by the total transformation using the $20 white self-adhesive 3D subway tiles.

Setting out to style up her kitchen, she covered the bright red splashback by applying the easy-to-install adhesive tiles over the top. Aiming for a more “beachy vibe” she said the red started to feel “too dark and sombre” for the rest of the house.

Kitchen with red spashback
Before the Kmart tiles were applied to the bright red splashback. Source: Facebook

After having the red kitchen for a decade, the change made a massive difference to the space without the cost or effort of a full-blown renovation.

“I wasn't sure I'd like it, but my main goal is making a small house look bigger, and I feel like it worked,” she said of the impressive transformation. “I swear, with the white, I feel so much calmer in the house.”


While the instant glow-up covered only a small part of the kitchen, it made the biggest impact. Dozens of Kmart fans couldn't believe how good it looked, saying her new space looked “so much better”.

Kmart Kmart adhesive tile make over
After the Kmart tiles were applied, totally transforming the space. Source: Facebook

“1000 times better. I used the same tiles in my house and people don’t even know,” one person commented on her post.

“It definitely looks much brighter with the white tiles. It’s nice and fresh and you did a great job!” added another.

“Now that’s a great transformation,” complimented a third.

Explaining the process, the DIYer said it was her first attempt at using the Kmart tile, which was surprisingly easy.

“I actually didn't want to go with a full white tile initially, but this was my very first go at this, and I am shocking at measuring and cutting, so I felt this would be more forgiving,” she said of her efforts, which clearly paid off.

Although the easy update looked great, some questioned whether it was safe to use the vinyl tiles so close to the cooktop.

Kmart adhesive tiles and a kitchen
The DIY Kmart tiles gave the kitchen a fresh new look for a fraction of the price of a complete renovation. Source: Kmart/Facebook

"I didn’t think they could be so close to your hot plates. Are they ok to use?" One person queried.

However, others said they’d used them on their own splashback without any issues.

According to the Kmart website, the tiles are suitable for splashback areas in the kitchen and laundry and are resistant to water, oil, high temperatures and mildew.

Fellow DIYers who have also used the adhesive tiles raved about the quality and effortless installation too.

“Very happy with these tiles, very strong adhesive and love the look of it. The only problem was while sticking overlapping pieces, otherwise, it was easy to peel and stick,” one person said in a review on the Kmart website.

“Even better than expected,” added another.

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