Reese Witherspoon's son has been roasted over his fancy New York share house

"You did not just ask Deacon Witherspoon how much he pays for rent."

Deacon Phillippe, the genetically blessed son of Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe, has given people a look into his New York share house situation in a TikTok that's now gone viral.

Deacon, 20, appeared in TikTok creator Caleb Simpson's video — Caleb is known on the app for taking viewers on tours through people's living spaces and has amassed a 7-million-strong following online.

In the video, Caleb is seen approaching Deacon on the street, asking how much he pays for rent, a comment that was met with mirth from his fans.

"You did not just ask Deacon Witherspoon how much he pays for rent 😭," one person said. "Bro as if he knows."

Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philippe's son Deacon
Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philippe's son Deacon. Photo:

Deacon then proceeded to give Caleb a tour of his West Village apartment which included a spiral staircase, a vinyl wall, and a few housemates too.


While it's a far cry from most university students' lives — my first experience in a share house I could barely fit a double bed in my room and then one day my bedroom door just simply fell off — the TikTok, which has amassed nearly 1 million views since it was uploaded, had mixed comments from fans.

Some called out Deacon's nepo baby ways: "Nepo Baby says 'West Village prices man' hahahaha," one person commented.

Inside Deacon Phillipe's New York apartment
Inside Deacon Phillipe's New York apartment. Photo:

Others were just impressed that the house was tidy. "Cleanest boy apartment I’ve ever seen," someone said.

Quite a few people leapt to his defence too.


"He seems sweet. People are jelly," someone else commented.

"Why are people being mean? He's in school. Seems humble. Has roommates. Plenty of NYU kids also come from rich families..." another pointed out.

Others couldn't get over his striking resemblance to his famous parents (crazy how genetics work, huh?).

"All I can focus on is how much he looks exactly like his parents!" one person said.

Deacon, who currently studies at NYU, also released his first album A New Earth earlier this year.

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