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This mask makes skin 194% more hydrated and beauty fans are 'obsessed'

Pamper yourself and get instant results.

The change of seasons can cause havoc with your skin. As we come out of cool winter weather straight into beach days and hot sun, it can make your face feel dry, irritated and sore.

Fortunately, beauty lovers have found an answer to dehydrated and dull skin, with a sheet mask that improves skin hydration by a whopping 194%.

"This mask brought life back to my skin. It's the best sheet mask I've ever tried," wrote one happy customer in an online review. Another agreed: "My go-to for hydration. It has a brightening and dewy effect that I'm obsessed with."

Two hands holding up SuperNAD Youth Activating Facial Sheet Mask
Invity's SuperNAD Youth Activating Facial Sheet Mask is just what you need to keep your face hydrated over the warmer months. Photo: Supplied

Invity's SuperNAD Youth Activating Facial Sheet Mask is designed to mimic a facial and address the root causes of skin ageing. It's the first sheet mask in the world to be infused with Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) which activates the skin's natural cellular defence. As NAD enters your skin, it helps it to look lifted, hydrated and plumped.


The mask also contains snow algae, which helps delay the breakdown of collagen and elastin, and energises skin by activating the its natural antioxidant system.

White snow tea improves the firmness of the skin and protects against cellular damage, prickly pear helps calm sensitive or irritated skin, and tamarind seed gum improves skin elasticity and smoothness.

It also contains sunflower sprout, which is packed with vitamins and antioxidants, and is shown to delay ageing signs in skin.

Woman holding up sheet mask
The SuperNAD Youth Activating Facial Sheet Mask is made from upcycled banana skin. Photo: Supplied

The SuperNAD Youth Activating Facial Sheet Mask is made from upcycled banana skin, as this has high moisture retention, is non-bleaching, non-toxic and biodegradable.

After using the mask, skin has been shown to have a 194% boost in hydration in 15 minutes. The result of this hydration? Smooth, plump, dewy skin that looks fabulous.

The results are long lasting too; the combination of ingredients boost your skin's ability to repair, revitalise and replenish itself, so even after the mask is off, your skin is still reaping the effects.

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