Yahoo Lifestyle works out Rebel Wilson style

Rebel Wilson has been on an incredible health and fitness journey throughout 2020, sharing her transformation both physically and mentally with her fans around the world.

Along the way, the Hollywood star also spoke about how she managed to lose more than 20kg, sharing her new-found love for walking, weights, and high-intensity circuit training as her ways to exercise.

Rebel Wilson
Rebel Wilson has been sharing her 'Year of Health' online. Photo: Instagram

Earlier this year, Rebel was training at SOMA Collection in Sydney, and so when we were invited to try a typical Rebel-style HIIT session, we had to give it a whirl.

Co-Founder and Wellness director of SOMA Collection Simon Anderson definitely took us through our paces, putting together a workout very similar to how Rebel’s sessions at the luxury Sydney gym.

“We’re going to be incorporating the sleds, go into a battle ropes session, the air bike, getting the heart rate up and burning those calories,” Simon told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“This workout is fantastic for weight loss.

“The main reason is because it’s elevating your heart rate and really tapping into those fat cells. So you’re going to get a great workout and burn lots of calories all in just 30-45 minutes.”

rebel wilson workout at soma collection sydney
SOMA Co-founder Simon takes us through our paces. Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle

Rebel trained at SOMA between four and five days a week at the beginning of her ‘Year of Health’ journey.

She would generally complete a 45-minute routine, which included full body weights and circuit training, and then 30-40 min of steady state cardio on the treadmill.


According to the SOMA team she was very “consistent” and “dedicated” to her training routine.

Rebel also recently spoke about her health journey in a Live Q&A with her followers on Instagram.

She explained turning 40 was what initially triggered her desire to live a healthier life, particularly as she started to think about things like her fertility and made the decision to freeze her eggs.

rebel wilson weight loss
The actress has lost over 20kg in 2020. Photo: Instagram/rebelwilson

“As all career women would know if that is something that interests you approaching 40 is a good time to do it,” she said.

“So I was thinking about fertility and thought I am going to do this and get healthy.”

And in terms of exercise Rebel said her biggest tip is to “get out and walk”.

While she has access to “amazing personal trainers”, she revealed the “majority of exercise” she has done this year is just going out for a walk.

“That is free, you can do it, it’s safe and walking is the best way for me to metabolise fat,” she wrote.

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