Rebel Wilson stuns in pink bikini: 'What an inspiration!'

Rebel Wilson has stunned in a pink bikini while enjoying her European summer after sparking backlash for posting about a lavish health retreat.

The 42-year-old posed in a pink bikini with a matching cropped jacket on a boat.

Rebel Wilson in pink bikini
Rebel Wilson has stunned fans after sharing a snap of herself on a boat in a pink bikini. Photo: Instagram/Rebel Wilson

The star has been very open about using 2020 as her Year of Health and has since undergone a 35kg transformation.

Fans loved the snap, with one user writing, "What an inspiration!"


"Soooo good Rebel!" another added, while a third wrote, "Stunning!"

"This look is adorable!" a fourth said.

"Oh wow loving your swimsuit!" someone else commented.

Rebel sparks debate with lavish health retreat

Rebel at Vivamayr Ataussee
It comes after the actress was accused of being out of touch after sharing a photo of herself at the Vivamayr Ataussee in Austria. Photo: Instagram/Rebel Wilson

It comes after the actress was accused of being out of touch after sharing a photo of herself at the Vivamayr Ataussee in Austria, which is a costly luxury wellness and medical detox centre.

The Park Residence, the top accommodation option, will set you back roughly $3,200 AUD per night, with guests having to pay extra for medical services or cosmetic treatments.

Rebel’s simple caption of the snap seemed to hit a sore spot, writing, “Living that Vivamayr lifestyle. Health = Wealth.”

It didn’t take long for her followers to start accusing the star of being privileged.

“It’s great to see you’re healthy and fit, but for most people, especially those on a salary under $200k, $100k, going to this place is simply unrealistic. While you can afford to pay for PT’s to train you daily etc, the rest of [us] can’t,” a follower wrote.

Rebel Wilson in green and white outfit
Fans accused the star of showing off her privilege. Photo: Instagram/Rebel Wilson

“Exactly. Wealth = health. She got it backwards,” another fan agreed.

“Literally though, because the only people that can afford that place are wealthy ones,” commented a fan.

“I’m so happy for you and your transformation, however when you post please be mindful that the majority of people cannot afford and do not have access to the therapies of your choice. Keep it authentic just like your beginnings,” a fourth added.

While many were upset with Rebel, plenty of fans jumped at the chance to defend her.

“She is incredibly talented, motivated and successful. Do you want her to hide her resulting financial success so as not to provoke your hyper jealousy? Don’t make your problem look like her problem,” one fan retorted.

“That whole place looks absolutely stunning. You’re glowing,” a second chimed in.

“Just because Rebel has been successful doesn’t mean she shouldn’t enjoy or celebrate her life as she sees fit (and can afford). It’s up to us to manage our own expectations,” another weighed in.

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