The reason why Meghan Markle and Prince Charles have formed a strong bond

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Since Meghan Markle married into the royal family back in May, she has reportedly formed a remarkably close bond with the Prince of Wales.

It’s all down to the fact they both come from “dysfunctional families”, according to The Mail on Sunday.

In the midst of Meghan’s family members speaking out to the tabloids – which has been dubbed the ‘Markle Debacle’ – Charles has been very sympathetic towards the Duchess of Sussex.

Meghan Markle and Prince Charles have formed a remarkably close bond, and it’s down to one specific reason. Source: Getty

“Because there’s been bad behaviour that’s caused problems in his family, Charles understands how difficult it must be for Meghan,” a source told the publication. “And it has endeared her to him even more.”

Just like his daughter-in-law, Charles and the House of Windsor have gone through “so many traumas and crises… and many divorces of its own”.

In the face of criticism and family drama, both Charles and Meghan have been able to put their best foot forward.

Meghan and Charles have formed a close bond due to the shared experiences of family drama. Source: Getty

“Whatever they felt inside, they’ve both put on a strong public face and not hidden away,” the insider added.

Prince Charles walked Meghan Markle down the aisle

The pair’s close bond was apparent at the May 19 nuptials, as Charles walked Meghan down the aisle.

On the day of Prince Harry’s wedding to Meghan in May, her father, Thomas Markle Sr., was due to escort her down the aisle.

The 74-year-old sensationally dropped out of the wedding party after reportedly suffering a heart attack and staging paparazzi photos.

Prince Charles walked Meghan down the aisle on her wedding day on May 19. Source: Getty

A few days later it was announced by Kensington Palace, Prince Charles would be walking Meghan down the aisle in her father’s place.

“Ms Meghan Markle has asked His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales to accompany her down the aisle of the Quire of St George’s Chapel on her Wedding Day,” the statement read.

“The Prince of Wales is pleased to be able to welcome Ms Markle to The Royal Family in this way.”

Charles’ nickname for Meghan

Meghan has also been given a nickname by her father-in-law Prince Charles.

The heir to throne calls Meghan ‘Tungsten,’ according to The Mirror.

Whilst it may sound like a rather bizarre choice in nickname, it’s reportedly mean to represent the new royal being “tough and unbending” which is what the chemical element tungsten is described as.

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