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Australia’s first 64MP quad camera phone, the realme XT. Photo: Supplied/Realme

Realme is a new smartphone brand that has just released four new phones in Australia, including Australia’s first 64MP quad camera phone, realme XT. Powered by OPPO’s Colour OS 6, the XT model is said to have the highest resolution sensor ever seen on a smartphone.

So we decided to test it by taking the phone on a recent trip to Singapore.

Most of us make-do with our phones while on holidays, forgoing the more bulky digital cameras for something we’re already carrying around. And the camera has been a big selling point on all new phones, including the iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy range.

Coming from a Samsung Galaxy S9 myself, the realme XT definitely had a lot to live up to in the camera department.

But I will admit I was pleasantly surprised.

During the day the images came out stunning. They were crisp, clear, high-resolution, and the colours were so bright.

My favourite feature - perfect for touristing - was the wide-angle option, which increases the frame up to 119-degrees.

Here is the difference in two photos taken from the exact same spot at the Jewel, in Singapore’s Changi Airport, overlooking the Vortex Rain Shower.

Left: Normal photo settings, Right: Wide-angle setting. Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle

And this shot was taken standing within 10m of the famous Mer-lion, and I was still able to get the entire structure of the Marina Bay Sands hotel in the photo as well.

The Mer-lion and Marina Bay Sands in one photo. Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle

While the photos were amazing during the day, my night-time shots didn’t turn out quite the same.

The wide-angle really made all the difference there, but the clarity was definitely less in some of the evening images.

The Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle

The specs

Each of the four individual lenses, are designed for a specific task. From top to bottom these include:

  • Ultra wide-angle lens: Up to 119-degrees, to capture more of the world around you - perfect for stunning landscape photography and group photos

  • Primary lens: realme XT - 64MP

  • Portrait lens: For capturing the perfect portrait, with the ultimate balance of exposure and colour

  • Macro lens: For capturing the world up close, in-detail. The macro lens enables users to discover the beauty of the micro world with a mere 4cm shooting distance to provide unmatched detail

  • Front camera: for capturing the perfect selfie. realme XT - 16MP


Thumbs up: As expected photos are amazing - during the day time - crystal clear with amazing focus and the wide-angle is great for capturing more than you would normally Also has an amazing portrait mode, and selfie settings and filters. Super easy to use, easy to set up, price is at least $500 less than the top competitors in the smartphone market

Thumbs down: fingerprint login in is a bit of a pain and there is no swipe option like I’m used to from the Samsung, the screen response is sometimes glitchy if it’s dirty, night-time photos not up to same standard as day time

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