Purple Wiggle Lachlan's fiancée admits she's 'struggling' with twins

The Purple Wiggle Lachlan Gillespie and his ballet dancer fiancée Dana Stephensen welcomed twins Lulu and Lottie last year and given the events of the last two years, she has admitted it hasn't all been smooth sailing.

Speaking with The Sydney Morning Herald, Dana admitted it's been quite tough, saying: "I was really struggling a lot of the time – it wasn't like I was pushing the pram and chatting with everyone. I was very removed."

The Wiggles' Lachlan Gillespie with fiancee and daughters
The Wiggles' Lachlan Gillespie's fiancée admits she's been 'struggling' with parenthood since welcoming twins Lulu and Lottie last year. Photo: Instagram/Lachlan Gillespie

When asked if she felt like she lost a bit of herself after not being able to dance in the first few months after welcoming her daughters, she said: "I think so. It’s not all a negative thing, it’s the nature of the process and I don’t take any of that back. It was definitely a massive shift for our whole family.


"I’ve been very lucky that there’s been support around me and I know it’s not that easy for every mother to have that time. For someone who’s exercised my whole life, I hadn’t given much value to how much I need it for my mental health."

When Dana, who is also mum to son Jasper from a previous relationship, was pregnant with the twins, she thought it was time to hang up her ballet shoes after a 17-year career.

Dana and Lachy
Dana said that while it's been a tough two years, it's been a 'blessing' have Lachy home more. Photo: Instagram/Lachlan Gillespie

However, she recently decided to return to the stage as part of the Australian Ballet’s Celebration Gala, admitting it all felt new again.

Dana shared that the last two years have been difficult with the pandemic making it tough for her mum and Lachy's mum to visit, as they're based in Brisbane.

However, due to the pandemic, it also meant that Lachy was home more, which Dana says was a "blessing".

Lachy and Dana surprised fans last year when they announced in September that they had welcomed twin girls.

The pair announced their relationship in April 2019 with Lachy and his Wiggles bandmate Emma Watkins announcing they were divorcing in August 2018 after two years of marriage.

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