The Project host loses it at Tommy Little autocue gag

He’s the former Walkley Award nominee who’s usually extremely professional at The Project desk on the Channel 10 show.

But last night, Hamish MacDonald proved he’s only human as he burst into a fit of the giggles after his co-host and comedian Tommy Little played a hilarious prank on him.

The Project panel laughing
The Project panel couldn't contain their laughter last night. Photo: Channel 10

The pair, who had raced each other at City2Surf earlier in the day, with Hamish beating Tommy by two minutes, were both left unable to speak they were laughing so hard.

It all started after The Project panel, which included Lisa Wilkinson, played a segment about the new leader of the UK Independence Party, who is called Richard Braine, who Lisa pointed out could also be referred to as ‘Dick Braine’.

Then it was Hamish’s turn to read the autocue, but the usually stoic host seemed rattled at what he was reading.

Within seconds, Hamish realised that Tommy had meddled with his autocue notes.

“Really?” he said. “This was not here before”.

Hamish Macdonald and Lisa Wilkinson
It turns out Tommy Little had messed with Hamish Macdonald's autocue. Photo: Channel 10

Tommy looked delighted with himself, and urged Hamish to ‘just read the screen’.

“It’s not every day there’s a politician with the name Dick Braine — that’s right, that’s his name,” Hamish said, trying to hold in the laughter.

“I don’t understand what’s going on, he doesn’t know how to type or use a keyboard,” Hamish said, looking at Tommy.

The whole desk then descended into laughter after Tommy said Dick Braine has now taken over Fanny Chmelar as his new favourite name.

It was a funny role reversal for Hamish, who had to step in earlier this month after his co-host, Carrie Bickmore, couldn’t pull herself together after getting a fit of the giggles.

Carrie’s inexplicable laughing fit began immediately after Hamish welcomed viewers back following an ad break.

“Stop laughing Pete,” Carrie begged funny man Peter Helliar before dissolving into a chuckle, prompting Hamish to ask, “You right?”

“Yep,” Carrie replied, appearing to get her laughter under control before saying, “If you’ve just joined us...” then trailing off into yet another giggling fit.

Hamish thought on his feet at this point and quickly threw to a news break as Carrie unsuccessfully attempted to suppress her snickering.

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