Princess Mary's awkward moment with Queen Margrethe caught on camera

Princess Mary and Queen Margrethe's awkward greeting in Copenhagen has people talking.

An awkward moment between Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark, and her mother-in-law, Queen Margrethe, was captured on camera when they attended the annual Opening of Parliament at Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen.

Instagram account @royaladdicted_new shared the awkward video, which sees Mary go for a kiss on the cheek with her mother-in-law while also trying to grab her hand for a handshake. Margrethe didn't take her hand or kiss Mary, appearing to move backwards. The Queen then touched her cheek with her hand and put the hand on Mary's cheek instead.

An awkward moment between Princess Mary and Queen Margrethe
An awkward moment between Princess Mary and Queen Margrethe was caught on camera as they attended the annual Opening of Parliament. Photo: Instagram/royaladdicted_new

Mary then curtseyed, with Margrethe laughing, moving on down the line to greet the others in the group.

It would appear that Mary's large black hat was the reason for the awkward greeting, as the Queen couldn't get close enough to her to give her a kiss on the cheek.


"They both handled it very well," one Instagram user commented.

"It was so sweet that the Queen planted a finger kiss on the Crown Princess's cheek, when they couldn't kiss on the cheek because of the big hat," another said.

"Always a pleasure to see the royal women greet each other with hats - they always find a way - even when the hats are a bit in the way," a third added.


Many also commented that Mary and Princess Kate are looking very similar, with one user writing, "I love her style reminds me of Princess Catherine."

"She and Kate are like twins!" another added.

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