Kate Middleton's jail visit sparks concern after fans notice hidden detail in snaps

'Oh no what happened to her finger?' concerned fans questioned.

Royal fans have been left concerned after Kate Middleton was spotted with an injury on an official visit.

The Princess of Wales looked stunning in an Alexander McQueen suit yesterday as she made her way into HMP High Down - a men's prison with around 1,100 prisoners - as part of her work with The Forward Trust and ahead of Addiction Awareness Week.

Kate Middleton in an Alexander McQueen suit
Kate Middleton arriving at HMP High Down in Surrey. Photo: Getty Images

In a video posted to the official Prince and Princess of Wales Instagram account, two of Kate’s fingers on her right hand can be seen bandaged up.

Fans quickly jumped on to ask what had happened, with many left concerned.


“Oh no what happened to her finger?!” one royal watcher asked, with another adding: “Has she sprained a finger … they are taped.”

The outpour of public concern sparked a response from Kensington Palace, who said the injury was ‘nothing serious’ and occurred while Kate was playing with her three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, on a trampoline at home.

Kate Middleton sitting in a prison
Kate was given a full security check. Photo: Instagram/princeandprincessofwales
Kate Middleton's fingers in splint
The royal's fingers were strapped up. Photo: Getty Images

Kate’s jail trip

During her prison visit, Kate met with a number of prisoners, who chatted with the princess about overcoming drug and alcohol addiction.

Before she could enter the building, Kate wasn’t exempt from the intense security check, where she was asked to sit on a lined-up chair with her hands on her knees while a dog checked for drugs.

Kate also visited The Clink in the prison, a restaurant that trains prisoners in hospitality.

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