Why this air fryer has over 8,000 4.5-star reviews online: 'Fantastic'

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If you were one of the few people who didn't buy an air fryer during the past two years of on-and-off lockdown, now's your chance.

The Princess Digital Family Air Fryer, $123.46, is getting rave reviews from those who've tried it, with home cooks saying it's "incredibly efficient," and "cooks things perfectly."

Princess Digital Family Air Fryer, $155.28
The Princess Digital Family Air Fryer, $123.46, has excellent reviews. Photo: Amazon

The extra large air fryer has a 5.3litre capacity, a digital touchscreen display with seven pre-programmed cooking settings, and an easy temperature control and timer.

It's faster to heat than a conventional oven and you can bake, fry, roast or grill food without oil, so that's a healthy change.


Princess Digital Family Air Fryer, $123.46
The Princess Digital Family Air Fryer, $123.46, means you can cook chips without using oil. Photo: Amazon

The fryer works by circulating hot air with a fan.

This hot air surrounds the food, and the rapid circulation makes the food crispy - it's like deep-frying, but without the oil.

It's a piece of cake

The fryer has an extra-large basket which makes it possible to use it with the included baking tin to make cakes, quiches and bread, in almost no time.

You can also cook meat and fish, roast vegetables and warm food without drying it out like a microwave can.

It limits cooking smells and washing up too.

Princess Digital Family Air Fryer
The Princess Digital Family Air Fryer comes with a baking tray so you can bake cakes. Photo: Amazon

Fans say this model is "brilliant," and like how it cooks food "quickly and evenly," and is "simple to operate."

Others point out that it's "not noisy," and there's "no need to pre-heat," which makes cooking even more quick and easy.

It's also easy to clean.

It's built with non-stick coated parts, heat-proof housing and a cool-touch handle.

You can easily remove the inner pan and serve from it at the table.

There's also an overheating protection device so it can't get too hot.

It has easily detachable parts too, so you just need to wash the pan and then pop it back in ready to use again.

Princess Digital Family Air Fryer.
You can cook everything in one pan in the Princess Digital Family Air Fryer. Photo: Amazon

One happy cook asks: "How have I managed so long without this? (It's) absolutely fantastic."

It's the perfect way to make Christmas food prep a bit easier, and a great alternative to using the oven on hot days.

Add it to your Christmas list now!

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