Prince William's outburst at photographer: 'You're disgusting'

A video has emerged of Prince William yelling at a photographer and claiming a paparazzi was "stalking" his children.

The clip of the Duke of Cambridge's outburst was posted to YouTube on Monday, more than a year after it was reportedly filmed in January 2021.

He is seen arguing with the photographer after he was filmed riding bikes with his family near Sandringham.

"You want to have this altercation you can have this altercation," the furious Duke says to the photographer in the video.

The photographer defended himself and said he had not been near the royal's home and had only been on public roads.

A close-up image of Prince William.
Prince William slammed a photographer he believed was 'stalking' his children. Source: Getty

"You came out looking for us," Prince William said as he contacts security on his phone.

"How dare you behave like you've done with my children? How dare you.

"You are stalking around here looking for us and our children. I'm out for a quiet bike ride with my children on a Saturday. You won't even give me your name.

"You're outrageous, you're disgusting, you really are. How dare you behave like that?

“Thanks for ruining our day. I thought you guys had learned by now.”


The Telegraph reports Kensington Palace is attempting to have the video removed from YouTube after it surfaced.

It is believed to be against the royal's usual privacy policy and their appeals for unauthorised photos of the children to be removed have been successful in the past.

According to the publication, print media is sensitive to photos and videos it publishes that have been taken in private settings, but the royals face a new challenge in the world of social media.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.
The royals only authorise a small number of photographs taken of the children in private settings. Source: Getty

Prince William reportedly set up an arrangement where a small number of photos of the children are released to the media each year.

The royal has been vocal about his disdain for social media, with the Duke saying he was "very concerned" in a scathing speech at BBC in London in 2018.

“I am very concerned though that on every challenge they face – fake news, extremism, polarisation, hate speech, trolling, mental health, privacy, and bullying – our tech leaders seem to be on the back foot,” he said in 2018.

“Their self-image is so grounded in their positive power for good that they seem unable to engage in constructive discussion about the social problems that they are creating.”

Yahoo Lifestyle has contacted YouTube for comment.

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