William 'requested' Peter stand between him and Harry at funeral

Prince William and Prince Harry reunited for the first time post Oprah interview for Prince Philip's funeral, but it's now been revealed which royal reportedly requested they walk apart for the procession.

It has been claimed that it was in fact Prince William who asked that Princess Anne's son, Peter Philips, walked between him and Harry for the eight-minute procession on Saturday.

Prince Andrew, Duke of York, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, Peter Phillips, Earl of Snowdon David Armstrong-Jones, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Vice-Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence during the funeral of Prince Philip
Peter Phillips, Earl of Snowdon David Armstrong-Jones, walked between Prince William and Prince Harry Photo: Getty

It was the first time Harry and William appeared in public together since the explosive tell-all aired, as they walked behind Prince Philip's coffin as it made its way to St George's Chapel in Windsor.

Before that it was reported that the brothers had spoken briefly over the phone before the service.

Despite this, royal sources have told The MailOnline on Sunday, that Harry experienced "a great deal of frostiness" from many of the royal family.

"Ironically the only one who has expressed any sympathy towards him is Prince Andrew," one insider said.

Sources said the family was still "very upset" but they were "putting on a united front for the Queen".

Though it has also been reported it was Prince William who requested Peter Philips stand between him and Harry during the procession.

Asked about the claim, a friend of Harry said: "He's just doing what he's told and getting on with it."


When they got inside the church, the brothers were seated opposite each other and kept their heads bowed for most of the ceremony.

Later during the day there were further signs of a potential reconciliation as William, Harry and Kate were seen walking and talking together.

Prince Andrew, Duke of York. Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex look on as the coffin of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh arrives
Prince Andrew, Duke of York. Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex look on during the funeral. Photo: Getty
Prince William, Duke of Cambridge; Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Peter Phillips walk behind Prince Philip's coffin
Harry and William were seen briefly speaking during the funeral. Photo: Getty

The 38-year-old Duke of Cambridge and 36-year-old Duke of Sussex were snapped chatting as they made their way from St. George's Chapel back to Windsor Castle alongside the rest of the royal family.

Twitter exploded once the moment was shown on TV, with one person commenting: “This is so lovely to see! The three of them supporting each other in this sad time”.

“Grief really makes people come together and reevaluate everything,” another person wrote.

“It did warm my heart seeing William, Harry and Kate so close,” a person wrote, with another agreeing, writing: “Just like old times”.

One source told The Mirror, "It will take a long time to heal on all sides, but the initial signs are encouraging. It is very much hoped this is a turning point."

A lip reader has claimed to know exactly what Prince Harry and Prince William said to each other when they were spotted interacting outside Prince Philip's funeral service.

Speaking to the Express the lip reader claims Prince William said: “Yes it was great, wasn’t it”, to which Harry replied “It was as he wanted”.

The lip reader also said Prince William said to his brother: “Absolutely beautiful service, eh, the music”.

Prince Harry's relationship with his family has been fraught for months now, with the royal telling Oprah he needed 'space' from his big brother.

However, Prince Harry rushed home to the UK from California when his grandfather died, and many royal sources were hoping the family would reunite in grief.

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