What Harry and William really spoke about outside funeral service

A lip reader has claimed to know exactly what Prince Harry and Prince William said to each other when they were spotted interacting outside Prince Philip's funeral service.

The 38-year-old Duke of Cambridge and 36-year-old Duke of Sussex were snapped chatting as they made their way from St. George's Chapel back to Windsor Castle alongside the rest of the royal family.


Now, a lip reader has told the Express that Prince William said: “Yes it was great, wasn’t it”, to which Harry replied “It was as he wanted”.

The lip reader also claims Prince William said to his brother: “Absolutely beautiful service, eh, the music”.


While Prince Harry and Prince William didn’t stand beside each other when they walked in the royal procession behind Prince Philip’s coffin, the brothers were spotted after the service at St. George's Chapel in Winsdor, walking beside each other and chatting.

Prince Harry, Prince William and Kate Middleton at Prince Philip's funeral
Prince Harry, Prince William and Kate Middleton were spotted together after Prince Philip's funeral. Photo: BBC

Twitter exploded once the moment was shown on TV, with one person commenting: “This is so lovely to see! The three of them supporting each other in this sad time”.

“Grief really makes people come together and reevaluate everything,” another person wrote.


“It did warm my heart seeing William, Harry and Kate so close,” a person wrote, with another agreeing, writing: “Just like old times”.

One source told The Mirror, "It will take a long time to heal on all sides, but the initial signs are encouraging. It is very much hoped this is a turning point."

Another added: "It’s no secret tensions have been running incredibly high of late, not to mention the brothers have barely uttered a word to each other in many months.

"Perhaps with the Duke’s passing and their grandmother’s call for unity it could be the catalyst for a renewed relationship. Everyone certainly hopes so."

Kate Middleton and Prince Harry talking at Prince Philip's funeral
Kate Middleton chatted with Prince Harry outside St. George's Chapel. Photo: BBC

A royal aide added that their "wounds are still very raw".

"There is a realisation that everyone does need to reach some form of resolution, if only for the Queen, who has said it is her wish that the family comes together," they said.

Prince Harry's relationship with his family has been fraught for months now, with the royal telling Oprah he needed 'space' from his big brother.

However, Prince Harry rushed home to the UK from California when his grandfather died, and many royal sources were hoping the family would reunite in grief.

Harry and William talking at Prince Philip's funeral
The royal brothers were seen chatting after their grandfather's funeral. Photo: BBC

It comes just weeks after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle gave an explosive tell-all interview to Oprah Winfrey, which shocked royal watchers and fans alike.

The Sussexes also claimed a member of the royal family made racist remarks about the colour of their then unborn son's skin tone.

Meghan also detailed a disagreement she had with Kate Middleton, where she revealed there had been a tiff over bridesmaids dresses before her 2018 wedding to Prince Harry.

When asked about his relationship with his brother Prince William, Prince Harry said "I love him to bits".

"He's my brother, we've been through hell together," he said.

"And we have a shared experience. But we, you know, we have different paths."

Prince Harry and Prince William walking at Prince Phillips funeral
Peter Phillips walked in between Prince Harry and Prince William at Prince Philip's funeral. Photo: Getty Images

Prince Philip passed away last week at the age of 99. Both Prince Harry and Prince William walked behind his coffin after it was places on a custom-designed Land Rover and driven from Windsor Castle to St George's Chapel.

Both brothers wore black suits and military medals, as they walked in the procession route, which was lined by representatives from the Royal Navy, the Royal Marines, the Highlanders, and 4th Battalion Royal Regiment of Scotland and the Royal Air Force.

When they got inside the church, the brothers were seated opposite each other and kept their heads bowed for most of the ceremony.

Prince Harry had not been pictured with his family since he and his wife, Meghan Markle, decided to leave their roles in the royal family and move to California last year.

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