Meghan Markle can return to acting under changes

Prince Harry (left) and Meghan Markle at Trooping the Colour
Meghan Markle could return to acting. Photo: Getty Images

Meghan and Harry sparked an absolute furore on Wednesday morning, announcing their decision to step down as senior members of the royal family, without any apparent communication with the Royal Family, and it looks like a comeback could be on the cards.

The pair have launched a new website from which they explain the motivations behind their shock decision, and it turns out re-entering the workforce is one of their top reasons.

Yep, Meghan could be returning to acting, though no specific mention of a comeback has been made.

Meghan Markle plays Rachel in TV show Suits
Meghan Markle could very well return to our screens. photo: Getty Images

In a Q&A financial section on their website, the pair explain their decision.

Hinting at a brand new charitable project driving their decision, they also shared an exhaustive breakdown on the financial motivations behind their choice.

“In addition, they value the ability to earn a professional income, which in the current structure they are prohibited from doing,” the response reads.

Given the pair’s respective professions were in the armed services, and acting respectively the nod to a professional income means a return to the silver screen for Meghan is now entirely possible, though with an estimated $60million personal value to fall back on there will be little rush for the pair.

Meghan’s need to give up her acting career when she accepted Prince Harry’s proposal was widely reported, but under ‘the new working model’ she, like other royals, can resume her career.

An existing arrangement for independent royals

Princess Eugenie of York and husband Jack Brooksbank on their wedding day
Princess Eugenie of York and husband Jack Brooksbank are currently financially independent royals. Photo: Getty Images

Other royals already operating under Meghan and Harry’s future arrangement include the Duke of Sussexes first cousins Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice.

Princess Eugenie, who is financially independent, wed husband Jack Brooksbank in 2018, and he continues to work as a brand ambassador of a Casamigos Tequila while she works as a director of Hauser & Wirth art gallery in London.

Prince Harry is closer to the throne than Eugenie in the line of succession but at number six is highly unlikely to ever step up.

The couple implicitly nod to Eugenie and Beatrice in the announcement, stating, “there is precedent for this structure and applies to other current members of the Royal Family who support the monarch and also have full-time jobs external to their commitment to the monarchy”.

What jobs are on the cards?

Prince Harry salutes in the army
Harry's professional life was spent in the army. Photo: Getty Images

Technically, the pair can turn their hands to what they like, though there are several likely routes, namely their previous jobs.

Meghan could easily step back into her acting career under the changes, picking up where she left off.

Her last screen role was in law drama Suits, which ended in 2018, before she wed Harry in a lavish televised ceremony.

She also ran a lucrative lifestyle blog, The Tig, which The Daily Mail reports nabbed her around $80,000AUD per year. Deactivated upon the announcement of her engagement, the blog could now be relaunched and become another source of income for the pair.

They also have the Sussex Royal name trademarked which could potentially earn them money from associated merchandise or ventures bearing the name.

Prince Harry’s only professional income to date came from his years in the military, and though a possibility it is unlikely the royal would return to active duty.

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