Expert: Prince Charles 'atrociously hypocritical' in Sussex split

Prince Charles has been dealt a savage takedown by a royal biographer who called the future king ‘hypocritical’ and ‘entitled’ in no uncertain terms when discussing his future as King, and his approach to youngest son Prince Harry’s sensational exit from the royal family last year.

Biographer and long-time journalist Clive Irving has had a career that mirrored that of Queen Elizabeth II and in a new book The Last Queen he explores how she shaped the monarchy and, it seems, how he believes Prince Charles stands to topple it.

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The royal expert sensationally claims that Prince Charles could topple the monarchy. Photo: Getty Images

Charles ‘hypocritical’ towards Harry and Meghan

In a savage interview with Vanity Fair Irving describes the Prince as ‘entitled’ and ‘hypocritical’ particularly in his approach to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s use of the brand Sussex Royal.

Harry and Meghan were stripped of their privilege to use the brand in ‘the divorce’ last year after it was decided the use of the ‘royal’ was inappropriate given “The Duke and Duchess will no longer be considered full-time working Members of The Royal Family.”


“If you take the case of Meghan and Harry, it’s been an atrocious act of hypocrisy on Charles’s part to [take the view] that it wasn’t right for them to use a brand, Sussex Royal, to monetize the royal name, because Charles was the first person ever to do that in a serious way, with the Duchy brand of grocery items,” Irving told the publication.

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Prince Charles acted with 'atrocious hypocrisy' when it came to Harry and Meghan, the author claimed. Photo: Getty Images

In 1990 The Duke of Wales set up Duchy Organics, a grocery brand specialising in organic food products.

Irving claims the Duke makes $27 million a year off grocery items like ginger biscuits, party crab, and so on’ however The Duchy of Cornwall claims on their website that profits are donated to charity, and the Duke’s annual income of a reported $27 million comes to form his private Duchy of Cornwall estate.

With that said, Harry and Meghan had been also been using Sussex Royal for philanthropic endeavours at the time they left the monarchy.

“It never seemed to strike him or anybody else in the royal family that it was hypocritical to attack Meghan and Harry for wanting to do their own brand, and in their case not to sell groceries but to do good work,” Irving says.

Harry and Meghan private jet controversy prince Charles a 'hypocrite'
Harry and Meghan were slammed for taking a private jet while preaching climate change action, while Charles' jetting activities skated under the radar. Photo: Getty Images

In another very pointed comment, Irving points out that Charles himself is a private jet user, despite being a supporter of climate change action, though unlike Harry and Meghan he never suffered the widespread condemnation fo the press for his private activities.

“... He’s shown himself to be a hypocrite,” Irving says. “He was an early campaigner for recognizing the importance of climate change and that’s very good... but at the same time, he flies around on executive jets, uncaring about the enormous carbon footprint of that.”

The biographer claimed that because of an inbuilt sense of ‘entitlement’ the Duke would likely not have cottoned on to the enormous dissonance between his politics and practice.

In a final crushing blow to the Duke, the journalist also issued a dire prediction for the impact should he ascend the throne after his mother.

Prince Chalres Queen elizabeth II monarchy 'off a cliff'
Irving has low expectations for Charles' time on the throne. Photo: Getty Images

“I think there’s a really real risk that if Charles does succeed her that the monarchy will go over a cliff very fast,” Irving told the magazine.

It comes as Harry and Meghan continue to battle bad news, as the Duchess’ sister Samantha prepares to release a ‘tell all’ book about her life with Meghan.

Samantha, 56, is the eldest daughter of Thomas Markle, 76, and has not shied away from being a vocal critic of her half-sister. At one point she called her "a shallow social climber".

Meghan, 39, however, has previously shared her half-sister barely knows her and slammed her claims.

Meghan also fell out with her father, Thomas Markle, after he was caught setting up paparazzi photos just before the Sussexes May 19th wedding in 2018.

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