Pour A Bottle Of Bubbly Over Bomb Pops For A Sweet And Festive Drink

Stack of bomb pops
Stack of bomb pops - Jamie Grill/Getty Images

Step aside, champagne and strawberries, there's a new flavor-packed duo in town. Introducing the combo that'll take your summer sippers to the next level and keep your sweet-tooth sophisticated in adult territory (or whatever): Champagne and Bomb Pops.

To be clear, we're talking about the red, white, and blue berry-flavored popsicles from the grocery store freezer aisle. No Independence Day party is complete without a bright red, blearing-into-purple dyed tongue and a brief yet euphoric sugar high. This year, it's time to elevate your Bomb Pop game and break out the champagne.

Just grab a Bomb Pop out of the freezer, unwrap it, stick it in a champagne flute, and pour sparkling wine over it. That's it. The addition of the sparkling wine froths up the popsicle into a foaming red, white, and blue color-blocked layered drink that looks aesthetically stunning in the flute glass. It's not just about aesthetic festivities, either. Flavor-wise, the bold cherry, lime, and blue raspberry flavors of the Bomb Pop melt into crisp, refreshing Champagne or prosecco for a sweet, dimensional, low-ABV bevy that's perfect for Fourth of July cookouts and picnics. Plus, at a Walmart in New York, a 24-pack of Bomb Pops runs for just $5.48 -- a cost-effective star that won't hamper your champagne budget.

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Champagne bomb pop cocktails
Champagne bomb pop cocktails - @viraldrinkvideos / Instagram

For a more cohesive champagne cocktail, remove the wooden stick from the popsicle before submerging it in bubbly. Or leave the stick intact to pull your Bomb Pop from the champagne and taste it as it dissolves into a fizzy, fruity cocktail. No need to add any ice into this one as the frozen Bomb Pop champagne add-in brings all the chill and gradual dilution you'll want.

You could use French brut Champagne for a dry, tart flavor that'll keep the popsicle from being too syrupy sweet (look for a bottle with dominant white cherry and almond tasting notes). Or you could opt for sweeter Italian prosecco; just make sure your variety is more fruity (banana, green apple, honeydew melon, pear) than floral (honeysuckle). Whatever type of bubbly you select, be sure to stick with fizzy ingredients that'll allow the intense berry flavor of the Bomb Pop to shine without clashing.

A sparkling rosé might be delicious alone, but its dimensional floral notes won't work quite as well in this playful two-part cocktail. For a mocktail or a cheerful kid-friendly bevy, top that Bomb Pop with some sparkling white grape juice, cream soda, or plain soda water. Pro tip: For more casual sipping and minimized spillage as you careen about the cookout, champagne Bomb Pop cocktails can totally be served in plastic solo cups instead of flutes -- and they're a fan favorite with guests for easy hosting.

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