The surprising professions that are turning to sugar dating

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The top professions turning to sugar dating have been revealed. Photo: Getty

It’s no secret that some people choose to turn to out of the ordinary ways to make some extra money.

In fact, more and more have opened up about their use of sugar daddies or sugar mummies to help pay for bills or fund their lifestyle. The idea is that they receive cash, gifts or other benefits in exchange for being in a romantic relationship with their benefactor.

But while it may not be a surprise to hear students are among the largest group of people using sugar dating, there are a few other professions also looking at getting an extra cash injection.

SeekingArrangement has today revealed its top ten occupations for sugar babies in Australia, looking at all the people signed up to their service online.

Students take the top spot, but coming in second are teachers. Waitresses, nurses and baristas also made the list.

There are currently 3,648 teachers and 1,299 nurses that are sugar babies on the website in Australia.

Teachers are the second highest profession using sugar dating. Photo: Getty

Top Australian Sugar Baby Occupations

  1. Student/Graduate student

  2. Teacher

  3. Sales Assistant/Associate

  4. Waitress

  5. Cosmetologist/Makeup artist

  6. Nurse

  7. Receptionist

  8. Entrepreneur

  9. Business manager

  10. Barista

Over 120k students in Australia are sugar babies

While some students opt for loan repayment options, sugar dating site SeekingArrangement revealed that a total of 125,000 Aussies chose to seek out wealthy benefactors in 2017 using their site.

21-year-old Aussie student, who wishes to remain anonymous, was convinced by a friend that having a sugar daddy might be a good idea, so she decided to sign up online and was approached by a few suitors.

“It was more for just the money than anything,” the woman, who was studying at the time, told Yahoo Lifestyle previously.

The site, which operates in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland and Australia, claims sugar baby students in Australia receive an average monthly allowance of almost $3,000.

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