Student tells: ‘I had a Sugar Daddy and I don’t regret it’

Kristine Tarbert

With the average cost of University rising every year, more and more Aussie students are turning to a slightly unconventional way to pay their debt.

They are becoming sugar babies and using generally older and wealthier sugar daddies to help them with bills. The idea is that they receive cash, gifts or other benefits in exchange for being a romantic relationship with their sugar daddy or sugar mumma.

21-year-old Aussie student, who wishes to remain anonymous, was convinced by a friend that having a sugar daddy might be a good idea, so she decided to sign up online and was approached by a few suitors.

“It was more for just the money than anything,” the woman, who was studying at the time, tells Be.

Thousands of students are becoming sugar babies. Photo: Getty

“One time I got $1000 in cash for an overnight stay at the Langham (Sydney) all expenses paid for.”

She also says she never had any doubts about doing it and was only a little nervous at first.

“Everyone I worked with knew and could also track my whereabouts in case things went sour, I also messaged them when I got there the room number and that I was okay,” she tells us.

125,000 students signed up to in 2017. Photo: Getty

And she’s not alone. While some students opt for loan repayment options, sugar dating site revealed that 125,000 Aussies chose to seek out wealthy benefactors in 2017 using their site.

According to their year in review data, the top sugar baby university in the country is Deakin University, followed by Griffith and Macquarie universities in second and third.

Griffith had 183 new sign ups with a total of 475 now enrolled for 2018. Another 406 are enrolled at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and 436 at the University of Sydney, according to website.

The site, which operates in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland and Australia, claims sugar baby students in Australia receive an average monthly allowance of almost $3,000.

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“Finding the right Sugar Daddy can help a Sugar Baby stay ahead of the game and get the education they need without the burden of a mountain of student loan debt,” the site reads.

Our sugar baby says she would definitely recommend the practice but says you need to be able to “judge someone fairly quickly” and “have your wits about you”.

And while she has no regrets, she does say she probably wouldn’t tell her boyfriend now, who she met after her time as a sugar baby.

“I don’t think I would ever tell him, it was before I knew him so I feel like he doesn’t have to know.”

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