Lululemon releases new supportive take on best-selling leggings

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Lululemon's new Instill yoga pant
Lululemon has just released a new yoga pant that was two years in the making. Photo: Lululemon

After two years of designing and finessing, Lululemon has put a new type of legging on the market that promises “a whole new sensation for yoga”.

Leggings that are so lightweight and flexible that you feel like you’re wearing nothing at all are loved by yogis, but they also tend to become a little see-through over time.


With its new Instill yoga pant, the designers at Lululemon have created a unique fabric blend that hugs your body like a second skin while still offering maximum coverage while you’re bending and stretching.

They’re slightly thicker than the brand’s hugely popular Align yoga leggings, with a focus on being supportive and smoothing rather than being ultra lightweight. To compensate for the extra thickness, this new yoga pant has the highest percentage of lycra of any of the brand’s previous leggings to give it a four-way stretch and ensure unrestricted movement.

Instill leggings from Lululemon
Smoothing and supportive, the Instill offers more coverage than the super lightweight Align leggings and is designed to make you feel hugged. Photo: Lululemon

Lululemon’s Chief Product Officer, Sun Choe, says, “the inspiration came from the feeling of being completely supported and steady in your practice.”

“We used that feeling as our brief and made sure every seam, every stitch, and every detail would contribute to making you feel hugged, held-in, and secure, so you can focus on your practice.”

The new Instill yoga pants come in a 25 inch length and retail for $139.

The best yoga pants: What to look for

The activewear market has exploded over the past few years and with so many different types of leggings out there it can be tricky to know exactly what to buy, especially when lockdown means you can’t go into a store to try anything on.

When it comes to yoga pants specifically, something high waisted (and well-fitting) will make sure you don’t have any embarrassing slips when you move into downward dog.

high-waisted Yoga Luxe leggings from Nike
You don’t want to be focusing on your waistband rather than your posture during practice which is why most yogis opt for something high waisted. These high-waisted Yoga Luxe leggings from Nike are highly rated. Photo: Nike

Choose your fabric wisely

A flexible material is also a must as you don’t want to be feeling your leggings pulling or snagging as you’re moving through a sequence. Elastane, also known as lycra or spandex, offers lots of stretch and is often blended with other synthetic materials to make high performance activewear.

The thickness of the material is important too as you want something that’s lightweight enough to give you that freedom of movement, but thick enough to not become see-through after a few washes.

Breathable fabrics that are quick-drying or moisture-wicking are also ideal for faster classes. Nylon and polyester blends are great for this, and these days lots of brands are making their synthetic fabrics out of recycled plastics which is a better option for environmentally-minded shoppers.

You can also opt for natural fibres like bamboo or cotton which are soft and breathable, however they’re not as good as wicking away sweat as synthetic fabrics so you can get pretty patchy in a fast-paced class.

Dharma Bums tiger print yoga leggings on sale
Recycled fabrics are kinder to the environment and many of Dharma Bums’ eco-luxe prints are on sale at the momentum, including this tiger print which has been reduced to $38 from $90.

These materials are ideal for slower, yin and relaxation classes, and you may even prefer to opt for a looser fitting pant over leggings for this type of practice. Something that cinches in at the ankles is better than a wide-legged pant as it won’t restrict your movement or ride up as much when doing an inversion.

It's all in the details

A popular extra that more and more brands are embracing at the moment are pockets. Some leggings have a pocket at the hip that you can slip your phone into while you’re not practicing, while others have a hidden pocket at the back for your keys which is handy for getting to and from your class without a bag.

In terms of design, be aware that elements like zips or straps may look cool but could get in the way of your practice, after all, comfort is the most important factor to consider!

ankle biter leggings from Lorna Jane with pockets
These $120 ankle biter leggings from Lorna Jane have a pocket for your phone and gym card. Photo: Lorna Jane

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