'Never': Popular pantry item photo sparks fierce debate

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You'd think after diving into the pantry vs fridge sauce debate once or twice you would eventually work out that we are pretty much NEVER going to agree on the topic.

One woman was definitely banking on that to help her escape some 'lockdown boredom' in Melbourne this week, when she took to a popular Aldi Facebook group to ask: "In all my years who refrigerates soya sauce?"

Refrigerator door shelves with sauces
The sauce debate will never go away! Photo: Getty

Sharing a photo of her own soy sauce bottle, which had "refrigerate after opening" written on the label, her post quickly sparked hundreds of comments, again sparking a furious debate.

"Always," one person wrote.

"Yes any sauce I open it goes in fridge," another said.

"Always have. The flavour lasts longer," was another response.


But there were also plenty firmly in the 'never' camp.

"Never in my life. It has a high salt content, and I’m still alive," one person commented.

While another wrote: "I never put it in the fridge."

soy sauce in fridge label
A woman discovered the label on her soy sauce. Photo: Facebook

There were even a few who came with more 'evidence' as to why the fridge wasn't necessary for soy sauce.

One person revealed they had lived in South-East Asia for two years and it was never kept in the fridge.

"And as long as I have lived I have never refrigerated it. Salt content should be high enough to preserve," she added.

While another said at restaurants the soy sauce often sits on the table.

"Have you ever had cold soy sauce at a Chinese restaurant?" one asked.

Pouring Soy Sauce into bowl
Have you put soy sauce in the fridge? Photo: Getty

And yet despite the arguments for and against, it seemed there were also plenty of people happy to sit on the fence for this one.

"I discovered this the other week. I couldn’t find it yesterday and then I remembered I put it in the fridge like it told me too. So random," one quipped.

Another woman said for her "it depends".

"Larger bottles I refrigerate because they do go sour. Smaller bottles which I go through more frequently, no. It is a fermented product and can continue fermenting," she added.

While a third wrote: "As a chef I do at work, but not at home."

The fridge sauce debate continues

Of course the sauce debate is one that will clearly never go away, with arguments about whether of not tomato or BBQ sauce belongs in the fridge blowing up on social media almost every other week.

Last year, a woman decided to show off a Kmart fridge hack for organising her sauces, but instead one again sparked a flurry of opinions around the age-old argument.

“Does the Tomato Sauce belong in the fridge or cupboard?” she asked in the FB post that quickly generated hundreds of comments.

As always there was the firmly ‘in the fridge’ camp.

“I prefer mine in the fridge. It actually says on the back to refrigerate after opening so...,” one person said.

“Cupboard until it’s opened, then fridge. Follow the label instructions,” another agreed.

“Fridge!!! Even says it on label, refrigerate after opening!” was a third comment.

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