'Ridiculous': Kmart fridge hack sparks fierce sauce debate

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A woman has sparked a major debate online after sharing how she organises her sauce bottles in her fridge.

Taking to a Kmart Hacks group on Facebook, she revealed how she had used the popular Mosaic Tubs from the store to keep things tidy in her fridge. But she followed up with the one question that sparked an age-old discussion that Aussies just can’t seem to agree on.

Bottles and containers inside a fridge
Where do you keep your sauce? Photo: Getty

“Does the Tomato Sauce belong in the fridge or cupboard?” she asked in the FB post that quickly generated hundreds of comments.

As always there was the firmly ‘in the fridge’ camp.

“I prefer mine in the fridge. It actually says on the back to refrigerate after opening so...,” one person said.

“Cupboard until it’s opened, then fridge. Follow the label instructions,” another agreed.

“Fridge!!! Even says it on label, refrigerate after opening!” was a third comment.


Sauces may be sold on the room temperature shelves in the supermarket, but as many correctly pointed out the label on bottles does state to refrigerate once opening.

ketchup sauce seasoning bottles products in supermarket shelves blurred background
Sauces are kept at on the room temp shelves. Photo: Getty

But that doesn’t stop those from the ‘in the cupboard’ contingent, with plenty of people turning their noses up at the thought of ‘cold’ ketchup.

“Never been harmed by some room temp sauce... but cold sauce on a pie, that's ridiculous,” was one person’s response.

“Cupboard, agree don't like cold sauce on hot foods,” another agreed.

And it seemed the debate even split many households down the middle, with people admitting they simply had two sauces - one in the fridge and one in the cupboard.

“I’m an out of the fridge person. Husband is in the fridge purely because the label says so... needless to say we have two sets of sauces going at any one time,” one woman revealed.

“So I have one in the fridge and one in the cupboard why you may ask! Cause I like my sauce at room temp! And my kids love their sauce cold,” another explained.

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