Singles should 'embrace' virtually dating during the pandemic, expert says

People are adapting to a new normal and readjusting their lives amid the coronavirus pandemic.

When it comes to dating, it may seem like an impossible time to form or maintain a connection with someone.

Woman lying on her bed online dating
A dating expert is saying people need to embrace virtual dating. Photo: Getty Images

However, your love life doesn’t need to be put on hold right now, according to one dating expert.

Believe it or not, it may be the perfect time to test the waters with someone new and “experience the real Love is Blind.”

Lindsey Metselaar, dating expert and host of the We Met at Acme podcast, spoke with Yahoo Lifestyle about how to best navigate the dating game during social distancing and self-isolation.

She explains how important it is to connect without physical intimacy and suggests how we can actually embrace this time when people are physically apart.

Breaking down the difference between online dating and virtual dating, Metselaar also offers creative ideas on how to stay connected to one another.

“You can do a New York Times crossword together, you can cook together, watch the same show, you can learn a TikTok at the same time, learning a new language together, playing virtual games together,” she says. “There are so many fun activities you can do.”

While Metselaar acknowledges that virtual dates can be awkward, she reassures singles that it’s not a red flag if somebody doesn’t want to connect face-to-face over a video chat right now.

“We’re sitting around all day. We’re not at our best right now. It could just be an insecurity thing, and not necessarily having to do with you,” she explains.

As long as the person is finding alternative ways to show interest in you, she believes it’s worth cutting them some slack.

A strong wifi connection makes for a strong relationship
Experts believe you can still build a strong connection online. Photo: Getty Images

Still, one thing holds true. Metselaar goes on to explain how communication is the best indicator of whether someone is being distant or just socially distancing themselves.

“If someone’s not getting in touch with you, they’re not interested,” she says.

Whether you’re searching for a new fling or struggling to keep the flame alive, Metselaar’s tips may even lead to a more genuine form of closeness.

“All the more exciting when this is over,” she says. “You can meet that person in real life and know so much about each other already.”

Words by Jenny Miller

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