Men with this trait are more likely to cheat, study finds

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A study has found that a certain physical trait in men plays a part in how likely they are to cheat on a partner.

The research, published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, concluded that men with ‘deeper voices’ and a baritone bravado were more likely to be unfaithful, where as in women a difference in voice or pitch generally didn’t correlate to a change in attitudes towards cheating.

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A deep voice could make a man more likely to cheat. Photo: Getty

“Men with higher testosterone levels, and hence, lower voices, may have more infidelity behaviours or less commitment to their romantic relationship,” the team from Southwest University in China explained, adding that testosterone and the characteristics dependent on testosterone “can be reliable indicators” of such behaviours.

As part of the study, the research team enlisted 250 male and female volunteers, bodyandsoul reports.

They were asked to read out a list of words, before the recordings were then analysed for their frequency and pitch, as well as how these were influenced by the individuals’ mouth shape, larynx, and testosterone levels.

Those results were then compared to each participants psychological assessment, which included questions around cheating and relationships.

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A man's voice was more closely linked to thoughts on infidelity. Photo: Getty

Surprisingly the differences in women’s voices - in terms of frequency and pitch - didn’t correlate to a change in their attitudes towards cheating, like it did in the male participants.

Researchers concluded men with the deepest voices were considered “more likely to engage in infidelity, and reported lower relationship commitment” compared to their higher-pitched counterparts.

A deeper voice in a male is also found to be “more attractive” to women, again increased the chances of infidelity.

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