The Domino's pizza polarising Aussie fans: 'A crime has been committed'

An iconic Aussie staple has been turned into a Domino's pizza and it's eliciting some polarised reactions on social media.

Domino's Australia this week shared a video of an experimental new creation made by spreading an entire can of baked beans over one of its pizza bases.

Instead of starting with tomato paste, the Domino’s team covered the dough with shredded cheese before spooning out the baked beans and topping it all off with pepperoni slices and some thick-cut ham.

The result was shared on Instagram alongside the question, “Is this a blessing or a crime?”

Left: A photo of a Domino's pizza with baked beans on it Right: a photo of a can of Heinz baked beans on white background
Domino's has disgusted and delighted fans with a video of a baked beans pizza from its experimental kitchen. Photo: Instagram/Dominos_au


Queensland Police were swift to label it as the latter, commenting, “Can confirm a crime has been committed,” while Heinz, whose beans were used for the mashup, defended it as a blessing, asking, “How do we order one?”

Fans of the fast food pizza chain were equally divided with one person describing it as the “reason why Australia should bring back capital punishment,” and another saying “This is attempted murder charges on anyone who eats this.”

However, there was also a strong chorus of “Hell yeah”s among the comments, along with a fair few people saying, “Where can I get me one?” and “Add this to the menu”.

One enthusiastic consumer described it as, “Budget pizza at its finest,” while another quite accurately called it the pizza equivalent of a baked beans toastie.

A spokesperson for Domino’s described the experimental pizza as a ‘comforting concoction’ and said that people who like baked beans on toast would have been in for a treat.

“At Domino’s, we love playing around in our development kitchen testing what does (and doesn’t) belong on pizza!” they told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“From watermelon and kiwifruit, to mac ‘n’ cheese and potato gems, there’s not much we haven’t tried on a pizza. After all – it’s our civic duty to make sure we leave no topping untested.”

close up of a baked beans pizza with a can of baked beans in the background
Would you be interested in a baked beans pizza? Photo: Supplied

In a statement, Heinz Australia’s Chief Marketing Officer, Rebecca Preston, expressed her excitement saying, “Heinz Beanz are a much-loved Australian household favourite and what better way to compliment them than having Domino’s cover their iconic pizza base with Beanz.”

Unfortunately for those whose taste buds were elated by the idea, the baked beans pizza was only an idea cooked up in Domino's' development kitchen and is not currently on the menu.

Hope should not be lost however, as the fast food chain has previously served up meat pie pizzas and cheesy Vegemite pizzas, so a baked beans mashup may not be too far fetched.

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