Bizarre reason Aldi shopper only paid 82c for lamb roast

An Aldi shopper has revealed the slightly bizarre reason they were able to score alamb roast for a bargain 82c - and no, it wasn't about to go out of date.

Taking to a popular Facebook page, the shopper shared a photo of the Half Lamb Leg with bone in, that should normally cost $11.99 per kilo, showing the price tag reading 82c.

Aldi supermarket
An Aldi shopper has scored a bargain on a lamb roast. Photo: Getty

"I was so excited about my bargain find today I knew you mums would appreciate it!" the shopper wrote alongside an image of her score.


On closer inspection, it appears the item had been weighed incorrectly, coming in at just 68g.

A similar leg of lamb would generally weigh anywhere between 1.5kg and 2kg, which would push the price up closer to $20.

aldi lamb roast bargain
The Aldi lamb leg is normally priced at $11.99 per kilo. Photo: Facebook

“This is my first ever find - I even asked the guy at the checkout!” the shopper continued.

“I was like so this is marked [82c], does that mean I get it for [82c]? He went and spoke to his manager and they were like ‘Yeah we can’t charge you any more for it’."

People in the comments were big fans of the win.

"This is what dreams are made of,” one person commented, while another suggested: “Time to buy a lotto ticket!”

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