Oscars 2024: Photos expose what John Cena was wearing during 'naked' skit

Fans have described his stunt as ‘the greatest Oscar bit of all time’.

He might not have been nominated, but John Cena certainly made his mark at the 2024 Academy Awards when he appeared almost completely naked on stage.

The WWE wrestler-turned-actor, 46, showcased his impressive physique as he presented the award for Best Costume Design wearing nothing but Birkenstocks.

John Cena naked at the 2024 Oscars / Jimmy Kimmel and John Cena.
John Cena appeared almost completely naked on stage at the 2024 Academy Awards. Photos: Getty

While it appeared as though the large envelope containing the winner’s name was the only thing protecting John’s modesty during the biggest award show of the year, behind-the-scenes photos have revealed this wasn’t entirely the case.


Images from backstage taken shortly before the viral moment took place show that the Argylle star was actually wearing a flesh-toned piece of material to cover his private parts.

The garment, which is often referred to as a “modesty pouch”, is used when filming intimate scenes on screen.

John Cena wearing a modesty pouch at the 2024 Oscars.
John wore a ‘modesty pouch’ to cover his private parts. Photos: Getty

Why was John Cena naked at the Oscars?

Host Jimmy Kimmel brought out John Cena to commemorate the 50th anniversary of a man streaking across the stage as British actor David Niven introduced Elizabeth Taylor.

As Jimmy reminisced about the 1974 incident, John peeked out from behind the set expressing his reluctance to recreate the scene. After being jokingly chastised by Jimmy, John finally crept out from behind the set to present the award for Best Costume Design.

“Costumes - they are so important - maybe the most important thing there is,” he said.

In an act of 'movie magic', John had changed into a gold toga by the time the package of the nominees was finished thanks to some helpers, including Jimmy himself.

Viewers have since labelled John Cena’s stunt as the “best part” of the Oscars, with one person even calling him the “world’s best comedian actor”.

“No matter what anyone says, John Cena COMMITS,” another added.


"Naked John Cena bit might be the greatest Oscar bit of all time,” a third shared, while someone else said, “That was rather funny! I think I woke my neighbours screaming like I did, but I loved it!”.

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