OnlyFans creator's shock Hinge date tactic: 'Bit of an experiment'

Annie Knight decided to make her own Bachelorette experience, with mixed results.

OnlyFans creator Annie Knight
OnlyFans creator Annie Knight. Photo:

OnlyFans creator Annie Knight decided to take her dating life into her own hands recently, inviting six guys from Hinge on a date — except they all didn't know they had been invited onto a group date until they arrived.

Calling it a bit of an "experiment" Annie said she was curious to see how the guys would react to the situation.

"It was a bit of an experiment. I wanted to see how they would react when they turned up to see another 5 guys had been invited as well,” Annie said. “It was so funny, while they were taken by surprise, I felt like a Bachelorette with all these guys arriving together to see me!”


According to Annie, she had met and spoken with them each individually on dating app Hinge prior to the actual date taking place.

Annie Knight is a successful OnlyFans creator. Photo:
Annie Knight is a successful OnlyFans creator. Photo:

“I knew I would vibe with each of them individually, but I wanted to see how well we could all vibe together," she said. "Especially as they didn’t know one another, and didn’t know their romantic one-on-one with me was about to become a group encounter."

The X-rated content creator went on to say some of the men were less than comfortable, and a couple were quite angry.


“A couple of the guys didn’t find the whole set-up funny and left straight away. The other four just stayed and we hung out together,” Annie said.

The four guys that stayed ended up having quite an enjoyable date in the end. "I found the guys wanted to try out-do one another which was interesting. I can understand the date was quite different to what they thought they were getting, but I hope they found it equally as exciting at the end of the day,” Annie said.

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