Love Island star shares most bizarre OnlyFans request

Kirra Schofield has been offered thousands for some.... unhygienic items.

Kirra Schofield and sister Bronte
Kirra Schofield has shared some of the weirdest OnlyFans requests. Photo: Instagram

Kirra Schofield made a name for herself on reality TV last, firstly for her no-nonsense approach to Harrison Boon who was partnered with her sister Bronte on Married At First Sight, and then during her own reality stint on Love Island.

Now the reality star has found a new market with OnlyFans content, hot on the heels of her sister Bronte who previously shared with Yahoo Lifestyle how OnlyFans helped her set up her swimwear business after she made over $200k in her first few days on the platform.

Kirra has now shared some of the weirdest requests made to her on the spicy adult platform, with men offering her $15,000 to fly across the country and just have dinner with them, to men offering to pay thousands for her personal items including dirty underwear and used tampons.

“I am receiving serious requests for used tampons, dirty underwear and sweaty gym gear. I am yet to cross that bridge,” Kirra said.

Kirra Schofield has been offered $15k to fly interstate just to have dinner. Photo:
Kirra Schofield has been offered $15k to fly interstate just to have dinner. Photo:

“Obviously there are the odd few crazy fans, but overall my fans are the nicest people. They just want be part of my life. They want me to like them, and I really am touched by it. I will spend hours chatting intimately with them, forming a strong bond.”

Kirra said her time in the public eye showed her that she could live a different life if she opened herself up to take bigger risks.


"I did that late last year when I joined OnlyFans and quickly went from making around $600 a week to $10,000 in the first few days. It might not sound a lot to some people, but it was really wild to me,” Kirra said.

Kirra's run on Love Island last year saw her paired up with Reid before Harrison Boon's ex Abby walked in and "took him off her hands".

“Reid and I had a difficult time in the villa. I already knew him because we were matched on Tinder, and it turns out he had also slept with my sister, Bronte at some point," Kirra said.

After her dumping from Love Island, she left fans with the iconic line: "She stole my problem, not my man!"

In an exclusive interview with Yahoo Lifestyle earlier this year, Bronte shared her parents were super supportive of her joining OnlyFans.

"My parents were the ones who told me to do it!" she explained. "They're like, with the housing crisis and everything that's going on at the moment, the way to get ahead is to be doing something like this... so many reality stars do it, so many celebrities do it and they make really good money and set themselves up.

Bronte Schofield has revealed she made over $200k in her first month on OnlyFans. Photo: Supplied
Bronte Schofield has revealed she made over $200k in her first month on OnlyFans. Photo: Supplied

"My mum was like 'Bronte, you're not gonna have this body and you're not gonna look like this forever'. So she goes, 'If I was your age and I needed to make some money in a year I'd do it.'"

Bronte said while OnlyFans is a short-term goal, it's helped her set herself up for the future.


"It's never been something that I wanted to do full-time. It's funded my new business, so now that I've got my swimwear label with my best friend Lauren, that's something that's been a dream of mine for pretty much most of my twenties.

"If you can accept and get through the backlash of being on OnlyFans you can get through anything. It's $700 for my belly button, I'm like, that's rent paid!"

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