Kayla Itsines can't wait to add to her big Greek family

Kayla Itsines is weeks away from becoming a mum. Photo: Instagram/Kaylaitsines
Kayla Itsines is weeks away from becoming a mum. Photo: Instagram/Kaylaitsines

Fitness queen Kayla Itsines is just a few weeks away from becoming a mum.

And coming from a big Greek family, the Sweat trainer says more than anything she excited to add to that and start her own family.

“I am so excited because family is a big part of my life,” Kayla says in an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle. “I have a big Greek family and currently I feel a little bit like the golden child since I’m pregnant.

“There will probably be like 40 people in the hospital room. I have the biggest most supportive family and everyone lives one minute away from each other.

“My mum is the best – she says whatever works for me. But my grandma. She was following me around my engagement party with a chair telling me to sit down. And I had these little heels on and she went and got slippers for me. And told me to put them on.”

Despite a rough first 16 weeks of pregnancy with severe morning sickness, Kayla has been sharing her journey with her 11 million followers online.

And while she is super excited, the 27-year-old admits there is one thing she is nervous about – especially when it comes to having a girl.

“I made a joke with Tobi because she’s going to grow up one day and bring home a guy,” Kayla laughs.

“He didn’t really know what to make of that and the fact she might get married one day. I remember when he first came home to meet my family and he was so shy and barely said anything I thought it was so rude. That’s going to be us one day.”

Kayla has been posting videos online to show how she has been modifying her usually high-intensity workouts to suit beginners and ultimately be pregnancy safe.

“In terms of fitness so much has changed. I was doing high intensity [plyometric] training – so all that jumping you used to see on my Instagram has stopped,” she tells us.

“I’ve also stopped using heavy weights and I monitor my heart rate now. I never used to do that previously. I try and stay between 125-150bpm. And my workouts are sometimes closer to 20 minutes. I aim for three days, I do sometimes get to the third day, but two is also enough now.”

The trainer says a lot of people aren’t used to seeing fit pregnancies on social media, to the point where she had to defend herself against trolls calling her out for using weights while pregnant.

“I am more prepping my body for the birth, and doing postural things with weights, to make sure I can stand up straight and be able to hold the baby,” she explains. “You hold a baby for a while and you feel it. So I’m strengthening my shoulders and my back.”

She stresses that working out during pregnancy is not a time to focus on personal bests, weight loss, dieting or abs, which some people had been asking her about.

“It’s a time to maintain your body, to make sure you are healthy and to stay active, for you and the baby,” she says.

“And it’s a time to rest more than anything. The best piece of advice I’ve gotten so far is to nap when I can – ‘if you get a chance and you’re tired, just nap’. Enjoy that sleep because you won’t get much soon.”

In terms of her followers, Kayla says her fans have been loving the new content she has been providing, with many even saying they can relate to her more now.

“Our market is 25-35 years, majority female, so that is the mum market, people wanting to have kids or have their first kid. And they are relating to me a lot more now,” she says.

“Before a lot of people would say that ‘I was jumping around’ and they couldn’t do that – and now they look at the exercises I’m doing and see they are pregnancy safe, and for beginners. My community has grown.”

Now 31 weeks pregnant, Kayla and Tobi have already chosen five potential names for their little girl.

“We have five names that are all ‘Greekish’ names, but not named after my grandparents which is the traditional Greek thing,” she says.

“They are quite short names. But I’ll wait until the day and choose one of those five.”

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