The tell-tale sign Matt Agnew didn't find love on The Bachelor

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Matt may have given away more than he meant to on have You Been Paying Attention last week. Photo: Ten

He may have had a full makeover, but The Bachelor star Matt Agnew is still wearing his heart on his sleeve.

It looks like the reality star’s appearance on Have You Been Paying Attention last week may have contained more spoilers than the cautious Bachelor intended, and it’s all down to body language.

The astrophysicist appeared on the comedy game show as a guest quizmaster last Monday, and aside from being quite brutally roasted by the hilarious contestants, he also may have let slip an unfortunate spoiler about his future with the winner of the show.

Trying to keep things vague, Matt refers only to, ‘one of the women I met on the show’ when discussing his current love life.

When host Tom Gleisner turned the quiz onto the master and started to grill him about the outcome of the show, there’s a definite moment of awkwardness while the Bachelor gathers his thoughts.

Matt's turn as quizmaster on the gameshow has raised more questions than answers. Photo: Ten

He says he ‘can’t really’ see her, and that the pair just communicate with lots of texts and calls.

More than meets the eye

Now one body language expert is calling baloney, telling NW that the reality star’s body movements betray the truth.

Dr Louise Mahler told the magazine that from what she can gather, Matt is far from in love with whoever he chooses, if he is still with her at all.

She claims that when Matt responds to Tom’s question about staying in touch, his answer gives away far more than he probably hoped to.

Dr Mahler says all of the Bachelor winners have broken this rule, and that Matt’s strict adherence to it probably means the relationship is far from sizzling.

“They've (all) done things, they've gone away,’ she said. “They've got secret places, but he said: 'you can't'. So I'm thinking, he's found someone he quite likes, and when the show is finished, he's happy to get together with them and do the photos and who knows what will happen, but it's not true love."

She also mentions that when Matt is asked if he found love on the show, ‘there's no real excitement in his eyes’ when he responds.

The analysis comes on the back of a sizzling smooch the hunky scientist shared with contestant Abbie, leading to much speculation that she may be the one to walk away with his heart.

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