Nicole Kidman gives rare insight into family life: 'Literally started crying'

She’s usually fierce protective of her private life, but Nicole Kidman has chatted candidly about a mum moment many people will probably relate to.

Just like any person who hits a life goal. Nicole spoke about breaking down in tears after hearing she had received an Oscar nomination for her role of Lucille Ball in Being the Ricardos.

Nicole Kidman selfie
Nicole Kidman has opened up about family life. Photo: Instagram/Nicole Kidman

However, her kids, 13-year-old Sunday Rose and 11-year-old Faith, were less than impressed to say the least.

Speaking on US chat show The View, Nicole said she “literally started crying” after hearing the momentous news while having breakfast at her Nashville family home.

She said the kids were jetlagged after just arriving in the US from their trip to Australia.

“I’m like, whaaaat? I mean it’s like there was so much emotion attached to it that I didn’t realise I was carrying, and I just looked around, tears are coming down,” she said.

“And my kids are looking at me like, ‘Wow, congrats mum, anyway we’re going to be late, we gotta get going’.”


Nicole Kidman holds hands with 13-year-old Sunday Rose and 11-year-old Faith,
Nicole said her kids, 13-year-old Sunday Rose and 11-year-old Faith, were unfazed by her Oscar nomination. Photo: Getty Images

While Nicole’s kids aren’t fazed by her Hollywood accomplishments, her husband of 15 years paid tribute to his wife on Twitter.

“CONGRATS on your OSCAR nomination today babygirl! SO proud of you & all that you poured into this dual role. Lucille AND Lucy. We REALLY lived through it with you on this one, & you gave it EVERYTHING. Here’s me FaceTiming you on set back in April 2021. Loving you always,” he wrote.

Nicole told the TV talk show hosts that her family are “always a part of every decision, because obviously the family has to come and support, I’m asking for them to let me go and do it and take time away from them”.

“When I was preparing, they were my audience, so I’d sit them on the couch and they’d do it, and they’d be saying, ‘ah, you’ve got a lot more work to do’.”

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban on the red carpet.
Keith Urban posted a gushing tribute to Nicole online. Photo: Getty Images

Nicole then revealed her daughter wants to be a director and she “has that eye and she’s watching”. She said the whole experience feels “incredibly shared as a family”.

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle at the film’s Australian premiere, Nicole called the role of Lucille Ball “daunting and terrifying”.

“We jump in and we forge hopefully into new territory, not always doing what we know we can do. I did not know I’d be able to do it, as [Keith] will attest, but I certainly was going to give it my best try,” she said.

When asked if she thought the character might see her score Nicole her fifth Oscar nomination, Nicole was humble, saying: “I’m just happy people are here and showing up!”

Nicole’s family life

Nicole and Keith met at a G'Day Australia event in Los Angeles back in 2005 and just a year later they tied the knot at Cardinal Cerretti Chapel in Manly, Australia on June 25, 2006.

Nicole Kidman with daughter Isabella Jane and Connor Anthony
Nicole is also a mum to Isabella Jane, now 28, and Connor Anthony, now 26, whom she adopted during her marriage to Tom Cruise. Photo: Getty Images

They now have two beautiful daughters Sunday Rose (who goes by Sunny), 13 and Faith ( who goes by Fifi), 10.

Nicole is also a mum to Isabella Jane, now 28, and Connor Anthony, now 26, whom she adopted during her marriage to Tom Cruise.

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