Concerns for Nick Cummins after Project interview

Eliza Velk
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We saw a different side to Nick Cummins last night during his interview on The Project where he intended to “set the record straight” about why he walked away from The Bachelor without choosing a final girl.

Unlike his larrikin self, the Honey Badger came across serious and raw while he opened up saying he’d, “never been in a mental space as low” as he was during his time on the show.

But according to panellist Tommy Little, it’s even worse than we thought.

Bachelor Nick Cummins was too nervous to do a live interview on The Project, says Tommy Little. Source: Ten/The Project

Nick was originally scheduled to do the interview in a live segment but pulled out at the last minute due to being too nervous. He instead insisted it be pre-recorded so his assistants could support him answering the questions.

“He was genuinely so nervous… he wouldn’t have been able to do the interview live I don’t think. Otherwise, he would have probably freaked out and said f**k on-air!” Tommy addressed the audience prior to the segment, according to Daily Mail Australia.   

“Honestly he’s a beautiful man! It’s the most depressed he’s been. It was heartbreaking to see.” he added.

“He’s not in a good place as a person” and is “not doing well,” a fellow crew member revealed to the crowd, while reasoning with them to ‘pretend’ it was a live segment. 

During the interview, Nick revealed he wasn’t prepared for the amount of backlash and tabloid attention he would receive following the finale and that it’s hit him pretty hard.

“I thought there would be more understanding than there was,” he said, “It’s been sensationalised and really exaggerated. But I understand people are really invested in something like this, maybe there’s some sort of emotion they want to get out of it.”

“I consider myself a pretty upbeat, energetic dude and all of a sudden you get the wind cut out of your sails.”

After not finding a partner on the show, The Honey Badger has copped some significant backlash from fans and media. Source: Ten

But it isn’t just the backlash the rugby star is struggling with – the 31-year-old admitted that his emotional battle was also during filming.

“I’m not a rude bloke, I feel I’m pretty honest and fair. Every time a girl was sent home at least one (still there) would come up and say, ‘Are you okay?’ I wasn’t. It’s terrible sending someone home when you don’t actually know them that well and they could be the one. You’re sending a nice girl home in tears. It’s tough,” he explained. 

Comparing the high-pressure situation to playing rugby on the world stage in front of big crowds scrutinising him, he said being on The Bachelor was “a whole other beast”.

“I’ve never been in a mental space as low as I have been on that show, especially towards the end of it,” he said. 

Bachelor Nick Cummins revealed to The Project that his mental state was as low as it’s ever been. Source: Ten/The Project

“Everything. I’ve had injuries, I’ve been in a wheelchair, all that stuff doesn’t compare to what you actually have to go through on something like that.”

He never wanted to pick someone if he had a feeling they might break up only months later.

“Then imagine the tabloids,” he said. “You see my mind split, it’s either you’re a jerk or you’re an absolute jerk.”

His interview comes after The Honey Badger also pulled out of the first two stops of his national tour to promote his first book, The Honey Badger Guide to Life.

Explaining the cancelled appearances, Nick told The Project, “What’s most important right now is to put my life on hold, set it to one side and actually nut out what this is, put it to bed.”

“It’s gone on too far, jazzed up and exaggerated. I want people to know what it’s like, how I’m feeling, and why I chose my decision.”

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