Neighbours star Ryan Moloney on Toadie: 'Can't this guy live happily ever after?'

There's no denying Toadfish Rebecchi has been through his fair share of trauma.

Toadie and Sonia on Neighbours
Toadie, played by Ryan Moloney, on Neighbours has been through his fair share of trauma. Photo: Ten

Actor Ryan Moloney has been a staple on Aussie TV for decades, particularly in his role as the beloved Toadie Rebecchi on Neighbours.

On the show Toadie has seen his fair share of trauma: from dying wives, to being hit by cars, to being kidnapped, to once-previously-thought-of-as-dead wives returning on his doorstep.

But drama is all part of the game in the fictional suburb of Erinsborough and Ryan said while it was weird to wrap up life on TV, he was more than excited to find out Neighbours was coming back again after what ended up being a 12-month hiatus.

"Obviously, going from being on TV for 28 years, more of your life on TV than not, and then nothing. It was like "OK, who am I, where do I fit into this world and what am I going to be doing?'

You start getting your head wrapped around that and the producer turns up and he says, 'Oh, hey, guess what? We're back!' C'mon, that never happens. So you gotta jump on board," Ryan told Yahoo Lifestyle.

Toadie's trauma and favourite wife

Toadie getting married on Neighbours
Toadie and one of his many wives in his favourite place on earth: the wedding altar. Photo: Ten

Speaking of Toadie's dramatic history on our TV screens, Ryan said two particular moments stuck in his mind.

"There are his two biggest traumas, obviously getting married to Dee and on that wedding day her driving off a cliff and her disappearing," Ryan said.

"And then Sonia, his wife, getting cancer and dying, that was probably the most special time of filming that I've ever had."


When Neighbours premiered again this month, fans were shocked to see Toadie waiting down the end of the aisle again, getting married to Terese – even though the finale saw him marrying someone else.

"I think he's had eight [weddings]!," Ryan laughed.

"I'm just like, can't this guy live happily ever after? What is it?! He's trying his hardest he just can't seem to get there. I think he has to have some kind of nervous tic, he's had to have developed some level of PTSD just because of the amount of stuff he's been through."

As for who Ryan thinks Toadie's number one wife was, the answer was pretty clear.

"I think Sonia was the one, she tended to pull him into line, and be a fairly solid guiding hand in his life. I think Sonia was the one for him."

Toadie's voice on your doorstep

Ryan Moloney has teamed up with Ring for a Toadie doorbell
You can now have Toadie greet your very own Neighbours with the Ring doorbell. Photo: Supplied

Ryan has now teamed up with Ring, so Toadie's iconic voice can be used to welcome (or scare off!) your own neighbours.

"If anyone wants to hear my voice answering that door for them, you can download three different versions," Ryan explained.

As for who Toadie would use his Ring doorbell to avoid?

"I think it's definitely Paul Robinson. Yeah, I think he'd have a customised Paul Robertson ring. Definitely just saying, 'Go away, Paul, we don't want you'.

And probably another customised one for Karl. If he sees him bringing his guitar over. Then, like, no, no, no," Ryan laughed.

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