Neighbours fans left 'puzzled AF' over plot twist in show's return

How many times can one man get married?

Neighbours returned last night after a 14-month hiatus and there's one major difference in Erinsborough that has left fans a little puzzled and, well, annoyed.

It wasn't all that long ago that the Aussie soap drew to a close with an epic, star-studded finale.

Neighbours has returned with a major plot-twist. Photo: Ten
Neighbours has returned with a major plot twist. Photo: Ten

So while fans were shocked to hear about its return to our screens one year later, many were also excited to see the new-look revived show, except this time, it's come with a twist.

The Neighbours time jump, explained

When the show wrapped in July last year, the finale featured Toadie Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney) getting married, as well as Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) and Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou) rekindling their romance.

But while it may have only been a year since viewers have tuned in, it's important to remember we're now TWO years ahead in Erinsborough and things have changed quite dramatically.

The Neighbours time jump shocked fans. Photo: Ten
The Neighbours time jump shocked fans. Photo: Ten


Fast forward to now, and while the first episode looked like it was set up for Paul and Terese''s wedding, as Terese walks down the aisle, fans realised it wasn't Paul she was meeting at the altar.

She's marrying Toadie.

Yes, you read that right.

That man is getting married again. The rizz on him!

Needless to say, Neighbours fans were OUTRAGED.

"Er Toadie and Terese, WTF!!!!," one person said.

"What the heck was that? Toadie and Terese? I never liked the Melanie and Toadfish wedding but wow –that upped it I think. Puzzled AF," another said.

"But why was Mel with Toadie on the morning of his wedding to another woman talking about their wedding?!?! What the heck!!!," one person wrote.

"Please tell me I'm not the only one that was like EEHHH??? At the ending of that first episode of Neighbours ?????? What a twist!!! 😂," another said.

"I've never been more confused by a storyline in my life?!," someone commented.

No one was expecting Toadie to get married... again. Photo: Ten
No one was expecting Toadie to get married... again. Photo: Ten

Neighbours' fan theories on the Toadie and Terese twist

But never fear, Neighbours fans. Some eagle-eyed viewers out there have some theories on what could really be going down.

"Is the Terese & Toadie wedding something to do with Harold's memory? Perhaps he has dementia and it's really a Terese & Paul wedding," one person speculated.

"I’m sure it’s some sort of dream, it’s too floaty?? Something is not adding up!!," another person pointed out.

"Hoping it's a dream/nightmare scenario!! Maybe it's Harold's imagination. Guess we'll find out tonight!," another said.


It must be said, the promo for tonight's episode does make it seem like Toadie and Terese are the real deal. But given we've got two years to catch up on, we have no doubt the show will begin to explain it as the season airs.

And when in doubt, remember Toadie has been married about 108 times now. Let's not get too comfortable.

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