Neighbours on the edge: The whackiest moments from the show

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Since its launch in 1986, Neighbours has captivated TV audiences in Australia and abroad, particularly in the UK.

It launched superstars Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan, Margot Robbie, Jesse Spencer, Delta Goodrem, Liam Hemsworth, Alan Dale and Guy Pearce.

The cast of Aussie soap Neighbours in the late 80s including 22 adults and young people and a baby. They are grouped closely together and smiling at the camera..
The cast of Neighbours in the 80s. Photo: Instagram/@neighbours

But what we loved about it was how it represented our lives Down Under: the typical Aussie suburb, school days and how your neighbours could become good friends.


But, after 37 years, the news that Channel 5 in the UK would not renew its contract, and with Australian audiences more likely to enjoy reminiscing about the show than actually watching it, Channel 10 has a difficult decision.

Fans have taken to social media to beg the network to save Australia's longest-running drama, but will they actually start watching it to ensure its return?

Neighbours has provided Aussies all over the world with some memorable moments.

Here are the ones that blew our minds.

Scott and Charlene's Wedding

When Kylie Minogue joined Neighbours as Madge Ramsay's headstrong daughter Charlene, it wasn't long before she and Scott Robinson (played by Jason Donovan), became Australia's golden couple.

It didn't matter that it was a screen relationship, Aussies were invested in this teenage love story with their realistic squabbles and struggles.

Scott and Charlene's wedding from Australian Soap Neighbours. The couple smile at each other with Charlene wearing a long-sleeved white gown and a tiara with roses and a veil. He wears a bow tie.
Two million Aussies and 20 million in the UK watched Scott and Charlene's wedding. Photo: Instagram/@neighbours

When Scott and Charlene tied the knot in 1987, it was not only a ratings winner here, but more than 20 million fans in the UK tuned in.

And when Kylie and Jason toured Australia to promote the show after the wedding episode, they were mobbed!

It's hard to imagine pop stars, let alone soap stars, getting that reception now!

Harold dies ... and comes back from the dead

As far as unexplained disappearances go, Harold's was a pretty wild one.

He and Madge were holidaying on the coast and, one minute he was enjoying the view from a rock, the next he was gone, washed out to sea, presumed dead with just his glasses as evidence he had been there.

Neighbours character Harold Bishop outside on a picnic table with a cup of coffee looking up
Harold Bishop came back from the dead in Neighbours. Photo: Network 10

Unlike Aussie Prime Minister Harold Holt, whose disappearance the soap echoed, that wasn't the last we saw of this Harold.

Five years later, calling himself Ted and suffering amnesia, Harold turns up in Ramsay Street to pick up boxes from Marlene's.

He doesn't remember who he is or any of his old friends, but remembers he's got stuff stashed in Ramsay Street?!

Paul burns down Lassiters (and gets away with murder)

We're used to characters going out with a bang, but Paul Robinson returned with a hell of one in 2004.

Paul sets fire to the Lassiters complex so he can rebuild it and take over.

When Gus, a barman at Lou's Place, catches him in the act, Paul murders him with a quick blow to the head.

Lassiters bar and coffee shop going up in flames in Neighbours. Photo: Network 10
Paul Robinson sets fire to Lassiters in Neighbours. Photo: Network 10

Years later, after a brain tumour causes him to have flashbacks to killing Gus, Paul confesses to police ... who inform him they will not pursue the case – ummmm what??!!

He confesses to murder and the police are like, "no worries, these things happen".

Only in Neighbours ...

Bomb on a plane

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Lassiters, Paul Robinson takes friends and employees on a joy flight to Tasmania.

While many give their tickets away (we can't put too many main characters at risk!), Paul, daughter Elle and girlfriend Izzy, Susan Kennedy and her fiancé Alex, Harold's son David and his wife Liljana, Serena Bishop and Connor and Sky Mangel and Dylan board the plane.

Little did they know a shadowy figure had placed a bomb the night before.

Luckily the bomb did not blow up the whole plane but it plunged into Bass Straight, killing David, Liljana and Serena.

But which one of Paul's twins, Cameron or Robert, is the bad son responsible for planting the bomb (because, of course, there are twins involved!)?

Tornado hits Ramsay Street

In 2014, the residents of Erinsborough were told to prepare for a storm.

Nothing unusual there, Australia has been hit with some pretty bad storms.

However, when that storm escalated into a tornado just minutes before it barrelled into town, that's when we had to call it out.

A tornado hits Erinsborough in Neighbours. Photo: Network 10
A tornado hits Erinsborough in Neighbours. Photo: Network 10

Firstly, Australia doesn't call major storms tornadoes; secondly, the cyclones we do have tend to hit in the tropics – that would be Far North Queensland, the top end and northern Western Australia, not the southern state of Victoria.

We also had to love that the drama created by the tornado – Paul's car hit by a rubbish skip, Georgia, Kyle, Daniel and Amber all missing with the worst presumed – wasn't enough.

During the storm, Lou, who is already pinned under a beam in Harold's shop, chokes on his food and Susan has to perform an emergency tracheotomy!

Susan get amnesia

It broke her heart and ours when Susan discovered hubby Karl cheated on her with his receptionist Sarah, but it was Susan's rare case of retrograde amnesia that was truly memorable.

When Susan slipped on spilt milk, concussion left her thinking it was 1972, the night after her sweet sixteenth.

Susan Kennedy gets amnesia after a fall in Neighbours. Photo: Network 10/YouTube
Susan Kennedy gets amnesia after a fall in Neighbours. Photo: Network 10/YouTube

Having no idea who husband Karl is, Susan goes in search of high school sweetheart Craig and soon asks Karl for a divorce to be with her one true love.

While most of the viewers may have found the storyline a bit ridiculous, actress Jackie Woodburne, who plays Susan, defended it: "It was actually based on a story of a woman who lived in England. The same thing happened to her," she told What's On TV.

"She fell over in a supermarket. Between leaving the supermarket and getting home, she’d lost 30 years."

Let's hope more people start to tune in so we can reminisce about Neighbours storylines for many more years ...

Watch Neighbours weeknights at 6.30 on 10 Peach

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