Neighbours star Charlotte Chimes on Nicolette's 'shocking' baby twist

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Neighbours fans were left in a tizzy this week as the jaw-dropping storyline involving controversial mum-to-be Nicolette Stone continued to play out with whiplash-inducing twists and turns.

But as 27-year-old actor Charlotte Chimes, who stars as Nicolette, tells Yahoo Lifestyle in an exclusive chat, things are about to get even wilder for her character.

Headshot of Neighbours actor Charlotte Chimes wearing a black dress with puffy sleeves
Charlotte Chimes stars as Nicolette Stone on Neighbours. Photo: supplied.

"There's some pretty juicy stuff to come for those who are Neighbours fans," she says.

"Even when I was reading the scripts last year, I found it really shocking," she adds.

Here's a quick re-cap of Nicolette's baby drama to get you up to speed:

After being betrayed by those she thought she could trust, a pregnant Nicolette fled Ramsay St for Canberra where she was later tracked down by Paul Robinson.

He discovers she's secretly delivered the baby girl, Isla, she had promised to give up to gay couple David Tanaka (Isla's biological father) and Aaron Brennan.


Unable to convince Nicolette to come home, Paul offers her $1,000,000 for the child on the condition that she never returns to Erinsborough. She agrees and takes the cheque.

The plot thickens even further, however, when it's revealed that the baby she gave Paul wasn't David and Aaron's, because the real Isla was in her crib the whole time.

Fans of the long-running Aussie soap were left on tenterhooks wondering if Nicolette had given birth to twins or had even stolen a baby from someone else.

As one viewer wrote on social media, the storyline took Neighbours to 'a whole new level of crazy' while others just wanted her character to 'stay in Canberra'.

Neighbours actor Charlotte Chimes in character as Nicolette Stone with her baby Isla
Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) with baby Isla. Photo: Channel 10.

Charlotte, who directed and starred in her own webseries, La La In Lockdown, says she understands why Nicolette gets so many viewers riled up.

"She's an extremely divisive character. People either absolutely love her or they hate her, or I guess they love to hate her.

"Fans say all the time about how much they hate Nicolette, that she's a horrible person but then they also say, 'Don't go because I'd have no one talk about!'"

What's next for Nicolette?

As for what happens next, Charlotte tells Yahoo Lifestyle that Nicolette 'isn't in a great frame of mind' at this stage after finding out some harsh home truths.

"Nicolette thought she was getting everything she ever wanted. She was going to marry the woman of her dreams [Chloe Brennan played by April Rose Pengilly].

Neighbours actors April Rose Pengilly and Charlotte Chimes pose on set
Charlotte with fellow Neighbours star, April Rose Pengilly who plays Chloe Brennan. Photo: supplied.

"She was going to co-parent a baby with Aaron and David, the gay couple who she really puts on a pedestal, you know, they represent to her what a healthy, loving gay relationship is and she never had that growing up.

"Her mum was there and they were getting along and life was wonderful, then to find out it was one big lie... And have Paul come over and tell her she's never going to be a part of the family and that she deserves everything that's happening to her."

Will Nicolette defy Paul's demands and return to Erinsborough with the 'real' baby Isla in tow? Or will Chloe and Nicolette's mum, Jane, team up to track her down and bring her home?

"Well, we'll have to wait to see," Charlotte says.

Neighbours airs 6.30pm Monday to Thursday on 10 Peach.

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