Neighbours fans left shocked over baby storyline: 'New level of crazy!'

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Neighbours has featured a number of crazy storylines in the past, and this week's twist was just as nuts, leaving fans very confused.

On Tuesday night, Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes) returned after disappearing with no intention of returning home after being betrayed by Chloe Brennan (April Rose Pengilly), David Tanaka (Takaya Honda) and Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson) and having a confrontation with Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis).

Neighbours Paul gives Nicolette cheque for baby
Neighbours fans have been left shocked and confused after watching Tuesday night's episode featuring a 'crazy' storyline. Photo: Ten

Nicolette was heavily pregnant and was about two weeks from giving birth when she disappeared.

Her friends and family were unable to track her down, but Paul used a private investigator who managed to find her.

Nicolette texted him, asking to meet alone. The pair meet and Paul finds out she had given birth five days earlier.


When he can't convince her to return to Ramsay Street, Paul offers her $1,000,000 for baby Isla, saying it would be best for everyone. He also tells her he has one condition if she accepts his money – she mustn't return to Erinsborough.

She accepts his offer and gives him Isla, but this is where the even bigger twist comes. Nicolette returns to her room with the cheque from Paul, and it's then revealed the baby she gave Paul wasn't David and Aaron's baby, because the real Isla was in her crib the whole time.

Neighbours Nicolette with baby.
It was revealed Nicolette didn't give Isla to Paul, but another baby. Photo: Ten

It's unknown whose baby she handed over to Paul and fans have a lot of questions. Understandably so.

"So did Nicolette give birth to twins?" one fan tweeted. "Was she hallucinating? or was the other baby someone else’s? So many freaking questions right now!! What an unbelievable plot twist!"

"Surely she wouldn't steal someone else's baby," another wrote. "You'd hope it's twins."

"Nic is a surrogate, gives birth and doesn’t tell the dads," a third said. "Then like everyone predicted doesn’t give #daaron their baby. Gives Paul the wrong baby & pretends it's Isla. That is a whole new level of crazy. Can she please stay in Canberra and never come back."

Tweet about Neighbours baby twist
Photo: Twitter
Tweet about Neighbours' Nicolette stealing a baby
Photo: Twitter
Tweet about Neighbours' Nicolette
Photo: Twitter

"Did she have twins!?" someone else questioned. "Did she steal a baby?! Did she use one of those creepy lifelike babies?! Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

"I reckon she's stolen a baby from the hospital," another theorised.

"Gives entire new meaning to 'Million Dollar Baby'," one user joked.

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