Myer launches new range of fancy Kalorik air fryers from $199

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three Kalorik air fryer ovens
Myer has just added Kalorik's range of air fryer ovens to its catalogue

It’s no surprise that air frying has become so popular; you get all that succulent and crispy goodness you’d normally get from deep fried food but without most of the fat - what’s not to love?

The downside however, is that for quite a bulky machine, the amount of food you can cook in an air fryer isn’t very impressive.

They’re fine if you’re only cooking for yourself or a couple of people, but they just don’t measure up when you’re trying to feed a growing family or you’re entertaining - and that’s where air fryer ovens step in.

From today, Myer has started stocking a new bench top air fryer oven that works just like the regular air friers we’re used to, but is large enough to fit a whole chicken.


double door kalorik air fryer oven
Myer has just started stocking Kalorik air fryer ovens like this 25L one with french doors. Photo: Myer

The Kalorik 25L Maxx Air Fryer Oven has double french doors in the front that open up to reveal two racks wide enough to fit a 12 inch pizza.

For larger dishes, you can remove the top rack so the space becomes big enough to fit a whole chicken on a tray, or there’s the rotisserie spit you can use to spin up an evenly cooked roast.

This Air Fryer oven reaches up to 200 degrees celsius and will set you back $449. It also has a few different settings so it can do lots more than just crisp up fries and reheat leftovers.

black 15L kalorik air fryer oven
This is the 15L version with the same multi-purpose functions. Photo: Myer

It can be used to bake, roast, grill, braise, sear, broil, dehydrate or to toast nine pieces of bread all at once, and can also keep a meal warm until you’re ready to eat it.

There’s a smaller 15L version that has the same multi-functional technology but comes with a single handled door for $399.

For something smaller and cheaper still, the same brand does a 12L Air Fryer Oven for $199 that doesn’t come with all those additional cooking settings and uses a knob to control temperature and time rather than a touch screen.

kalorik air fryer oven
This air fryer oven has a 12L capacity and is $199. Photo: Myer

To give you an idea of size, Kmart’s $89 air fryer is 5.3L and Phillips’ largest XXL family-sized air fryer is 7.3L, whereas your standard kitchen oven is between 45L and 70L.

Air fryer ovens on sale

Kogan has a similar air fryer oven to the one that Myer has just started stocking and it’s currently 40 percent off.

The Kogan 23L Digital Air Fryer Oven is normally $239 but is on sale at the moment for just $139.

kogan air fryer oven on sale
This air fryer oven from Kogan has a 23L capacity and is currently on sale for $139. Photo: Kogan

It reaches 230 degrees celsius and comes with a rotisserie spit and a rotating basket cage that can be used to cook chips on the rotisserie setting.

The 23L capacity is enough to feed a small family in one batch and it has plenty of positive reviews online.

The Sunbeam Multi Function Oven Air Fryer is also on sale at the moment at Myer and is reduced to $199 from $249.

It has a 22L capacity, reaches temperatures of 230 degrees celsius and is wide enough to fit a 12-inch pizza.

Sunbeam air fryer oven
Myer currently has a sale on this Sunbeam air fryer oven which has been reduced to $199. Photo: Myer

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