Aldi $3.99 air fryer snack shoppers are loving: 'Restaurant quality'

There is nothing like warm, crisp and tasty spring rolls for lunch however they can end up being a bit soggy in the oven and who has room for a deep fryer in their kitchen these days?

It is no wonder that air fryers have become so popular making frying quick, easy and mess-free as well as being good for our health.

Aldi sign
People are loving Aldi's spring rolls. Photo: AAP

Brisbane TokTok creator Emily Clair Webster has built up quite a following in Australia as she reviews products from discount retail giants Kmart and Aldi for her 15,000 followers.


And in one of her latest videos, she found the perfect combination of delicious Aldi snack and simple Kmart gadget that has captured the imagination of her followers and made them, and us, drool!

Aldi spring rolls being cooked in an air fryer
Emily cooks Aldi's spring rolls to perfection in the Kmart Air fryer. Photo: Tiktok/@emilyclairwebster

The Aldi Chicken and Pork Vietnamese Spring Rolls are part of their World Kitchen range and provide a fresh and delicious alternative to your local takeaway.

At just $3.99 for a packet they are also a cheap lunch or after school snack for the kids and only take nine minutes for a golden crispy result.

And by using the air fryer Emily is also minimising clean up – a win-win as far as we're concerned.

Emily revealed that the spring rolls were both crispy and chewy at the same time. "The outside of these are yummm," she wrote. "They are thicker than normal spring rolls and I'm here for it," she added

Most of her followers who commented on the spring rolls agreed that they are well worth looking out for in-store.

"Had then the other day, love 'em," one said. "They're SO good," another added.

But some were disappointed that their local Aldi didn't have them in stock at the moment.

"Mine haven't had them in weeks. I'm hoping they come back," Hayley lamented.

And it's not just on TikTok that Aldi's spring rolls are feeling the love. On the Aldi Mums Facebook page, the mums are raving not just about the Vietnamese style rolls but also about the other flavours that Aldi has as well.

From gourmet cheeseburger and green chicken curry flavoured spring rolls to beef and cocktail vegetables in the freezer section and the Vietnamese style spring rolls in the fridge – there are certainly many flavours to try out on your family.

"The fresh ones are restaurant quality," one Mum replied when the question was asked which of Aldi's spring rolls are the best.

Let's hope my local restaurant doesn't hear about that then.

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